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11 Tips for Buying Imitation Jewellery

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Imitation jewelry or costume jewelry is finding a proud space in the jewelry box for many women today. Available at a fraction of the cost, and found in myriad designs with excellent craftsmanship, what's there not to love in such jewelry.

However, not all kinds of imitation jewelry are equally good. So, we bring you 11 tips that will help you make a smart choice when you next go shopping.

1. Look for quality


Just because the cost of imitation jewelry is less is no reason that the quality of the piece should suffer too. Many people make the mistake of purchasing jewelry just based on the way it looks. However, make your choice based on the quality of materials used to craft the piece.

2. Have an eye for craftsmanship


Consider the degree of craftsmanship involved in crafting the piece. Such pieces may veer on the slightly expensive side but will be extremely attractive and enable more compliments your way. A good example of high craftsmanship from Tarinika is the Anusri Antique choker set. Zoom in on the piece, and you will be awed by the attention given to detailing the peacocks and flowers. With the goddess seated at the center of the piece, the pretty pearls, and traditional finish enhance the design.

3. Consider the weight


You do not want to pick up very heavy pieces. This will make it very uncomfortable for you to wear and carry for a longer period. Always check the weight of the piece you are buying before making your purchase.

4. Consider the flexibility of usage


Today many pieces can be worn on multiple occasions, ranging from formal to party wear. One such fascinating piece from Tarinika is the Elegant Baguette CZ Band Ring With a baguette arrangement of CZs, this is a classy piece of jewelry to accentuate your pretty fingers. What's even better, is that the ring can be worn on various occasions, that range from formal wear to party wear, cocktail dinners, and even date nights.

5. Ask for a range


Rather than buying the first piece that you seem to like online, ask for a range in a similar category. Good quality stores that are present online should be able to give you an extensive range in any product category that you ask. This is the aspect that often makes them better than brick-and-mortar stores with limited stock. Tarinika is a store that offers an extensive range.

6. Compare a few stores 

It is also advisable to compare imitation jewelry from a few different stores, before making your purchase. When comparing online stores, do consider aspects such as pricing, range, and customer reviews.

7. Look at customization options

Stores that have their team of craftsmen can also customize products for you. Check for stores that can provide you with jewelry that fits well and is customized to your requirements. This is a great way to ensure that you are  buying jewelry only from experts in the line.

8. Add classic pieces to your collection

jewelry collection is incomplete without classy and ethnic pieces. Choose jewelry that has traditional elements or temple design. This will go beautifully with your Indian silk and handloom saris. The Ayana antique bangles and the Scintillant delicate CZ necklace set are a lovely addition to your trousseau. The detailing of a leaf pattern interspersed with CZs can amp up your charm.


9. Look for freshness

When purchasing imitation jewelry, opt for designs that are fresh, off-beat, and novel. The Ariella blossom delicate earrings and Koshin frills earrings are preferred by many for their fusion of ethnic and contemporary elements. With a colored stone enhancing the intricate craftsmanship, this one is fresh, vibrant, and enticing.


10. Look at the finish

Do not compromise the finish of the product for its style. Opt for pieces that have a smooth finish and do not have any pointed or sharp edges. Also, consider the store's return policy to ensure that you can exchange the piece in case you find fault with it.

11. Shop with trust

Finally, buy your jewelry at a place you trust. Building a bond of trust with an online store will ensure you a lifetime supply of high-quality products that you can enjoy.

Tarinika offers a range of high-quality imitation jewelry at great prices. To check the extensive range do look us up on @shoptarinika.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan