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Devika Antique Armlets
Devika Antique Armlets ₹ 4,479
Sutira Antique Armlets
Sutira Antique Armlets ₹ 3,059
Aashni Antique Temple Armlets
Aashni Antique Temple Armlets ₹ 5,329
Labini Antique Armlets
Labini Antique Armlets ₹ 1,999
Gool Antique Armlets
Gool Antique Armlets ₹ 1,599
Radha Antique Armlets
Radha Antique Armlets ₹ 2,559
Vibha Nakshatra CZ Armlets
Vibha Nakshatra CZ Armlets ₹ 1,919
Aariya Nakshatra CZ Armlets
Aariya Nakshatra CZ Armlets ₹ 3,199
Malavika Antique Armlets
Malavika Antique Armlets ₹ 2,239
Nandini Nakshatra CZ Armlets
Nandini Nakshatra CZ Armlets ₹ 2,879
Gitika Antique Armlets
Gitika Antique Armlets ₹ 5,119
Dhani Antique Armlets
Dhani Antique Armlets ₹ 1,799


Armlets are meant as the adornments of the upper arms or biceps. They are also called as bajubandhs. They are an essential part of the South Indian bridal jewellery collection. They add to the glow and grace of the bride and enhance her looks. Armlets can also be worn on special occasions. Different kinds of anklets are available in the market such as traditional armlets as well as fancy ones. Armlets come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Some can be just a spiral of a metal while others can be an elaborately designed temple piece with motifs of goddesses, peacocks, and more. Some armlets are made from strands of pearls with a central locket piece. Fancy armlets can be worn for parties whereas the traditional armlets are more appropriate for weddings and ceremonies. 

Types of Armlets: 

Antique Armlets: 

Intricately designed antique armlets can form a part of your wedding trousseau. Antique armlets come in different designs such as temple, peacock, leaves, etc. and can be studded with cubic zirconia stones, pearls, golden beads and more. Fine armlets are generally made of gold while imitation armlets have a base metal of alloys like brass with antique gold plating. Many people prefer to buy imitation armlets over real ones because the imitation armlets are reasonably priced, thereby increasing their affordability. Also, when bought from a reputed brand, there is no compromise in looks and quality of the imitation armlets. Rhus, you can get the flawless bridal look without going overboard with your expenses. 

Nakshatra CZ Armlets: 

Nakshatra CZ armlets are made from premium grade cubic zirconia stones. With their close resemblance to real diamonds, CZ armlets are very popular among brides-to-be who want to dazzle everyone with their appearance. CZ armlets come in traditional designs also, thus, adding a traditional touch to the occasion and maintaining its sanctity all the while stunning the onlookers. 

Tips to Care for Your Armlets: 

  1. Store the armlets in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to prevent tarnishing. A jewellery box would be most suitable as it will ensure that your armlets don’t get entangled with other jewellery pieces. 
  2. Clean your armlets periodically to maintain their shine and appearance. mix mild soap with warm water and dip the jewellery in it and keep it submerged for some time. After a few minutes, take out the jewellery and wipe it gently with a soft cotton cloth. 
  3. Taking proper care of your jewellery will ensure that you are available to wear it for a long time. 

Reasons to buy Armlets from Tarinika: 

  1. With strong Indian roots and years of experience in jewellery making, we have a wide variety of jewellery pieces influenced by different historical eras and incidents. 
  2. We use high-grade materials and premium gemstones for making the jewellery.
  3. All jewellery is expertly handcrafted by our master craftsmen. 
  4. All jewellery comes with a 1-year warranty and a 14-days easy return/exchange policy. 
  5. We keep up-to-date with the changing jewellery trends so as to bring you the latest jewellery designs. 
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