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Kundan Collection - Earrings

Sonia Kundan Jhumka Earrings
Sonia Kundan Jhumka Earrings ₹ 2,239
Classic Beads Chandbali Earrings
Classic Beads Chandbali Earrings ₹ 1,819
Floral Beads Drop Earrings
Floral Beads Drop Earrings ₹ 1,499
Cynara Kundan Stud Earrings
Cynara Kundan Stud Earrings ₹ 1,189
Abelia Kundan Jhumki Earrings
Abelia Kundan Jhumki Earrings ₹ 3,599

Shop Tarinika’s Kundan Earrings Collection 

Indulge in the timeless allure of Kundan Earrings, a collection meticulously crafted by Tarinika Jewellers. Steeped in rich history and artistry, these earrings exude the charm of ancient Indian royalty. Each piece reflects the finesse of skilled artisans who delicately embed dazzling gemstones in pure gold, creating a captivating fusion of elegance and tradition. The Kundan Earrings Collection offers a mesmerizing array of designs, from the resplendent Mihira, enchanting Parina, and ethereal Nyra to the graceful Yana Kundan Jhumka Earrings. Adorn yourself with these exquisite masterpieces, evoking the regal heritage of India, and add a touch of magnificence to any occasion. 

Mihira Kundan Earrings 

Embrace the enchanting beauty of Mihira Kundan Earrings from Tarinika Jewellers. These exquisite creations boast a stunning display of hand-set gemstones, flawlessly nestled in lustrous gold. Mihira Earrings capture the essence of ancient artistry with a modern twist, making them perfect for both traditional and contemporary ensembles. Elevate your elegance with the timeless allure of Mihira Kundan Earrings, a masterpiece that echoes the opulence of India's majestic past. 

Parina Kundan Earrings 

Radiate timeless grace with Parina Kundan Earrings, an epitome of Tarinika Jewellers' craftsmanship. Delicately encrusted gemstones, set in gleaming gold, create a captivating play of colors and radiance. These earrings narrate tales of regal grandeur, adding an aura of sophistication to any attire. With Parina Earrings, embrace the opulent heritage of Kundan jewellery, reimagined for the modern-day diva.  

 Nyra Kundan Earrings 

Exude an ethereal aura with Nyra Kundan Earrings, a symbol of Tarinika Jewellers' finesse. Impeccably set gemstones in gleaming gold reflect elegance and grace. Nyra Earrings resonate with the royal heritage of Kundan artistry, making them a cherished addition to your jewellery collection. Whether it's a festive celebration or an intimate gathering, Nyra Kundan Earrings lend a touch of majestic allure to your charm. 

 Yana Kundan Jhumka Earrings 

Celebrate the timeless charm of Yana Kundan Jhumka Earrings, an ode to Tarinika Jewellers' craftsmanship. These exquisite jhumka earrings showcase intricate Kundan work with a modern twist, elevating your style quotient. Dangling gracefully, Yana Jhumka Earrings are adorned with radiant gemstones, delicately crafted in resplendent gold. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Kundan artistry with these statement pieces, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and panache to your ensemble. 

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