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Vansha Nakshatra CZ Kids Necklace
Vansha Nakshatra CZ Kids Necklace ₹ 1,659

Kids Jewellery 

Kids jewelry is often very difficult to find in times of need. That’s why Tarinika’s Kids Jewellery collection is here to save the day! Our captivating collection is designed to make your little ones feel like princesses and queens. From hand chains to necklaces and maang tikkas, we offer an array of exquisite jewelry for kids that will complement their unique style. Each creation is crafted with careful regard, ensuring a magical touch to any outfit. Explore our stunning kids fashion jewelry and let your child's beauty sparkle! 

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  1. Kyra Nakshatra CZ Kids Hand Chain:

Let your child’s hands gleam with theKyra Nakshatra CZ Kids Hand Chain. Delicately adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia stones, this hand chain is a perfect addition to their kids jewelry collection. Crafted with care and featuring an adjustable chain, it ensures a comfortable fit for every precious wrist. Embrace the magic of kids jewelry and let their hands shine with this beautiful piece. 

  1. Akshara Antique Kids Long Necklace:

Make your kid's attire enchant with theAkshara Antique Kids Long Necklace. This exquisite piece of kids jewelry showcases intricate antique detailing and is adorned with colourful beads. The long chain adds innocent charm, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion. Kids fashion jewelry often is purely for children of a certain age. With an adjustable chain, use this adorable necklace as your child grows! 

  1. Aditi Antique Kids Maang Tikkas:

Complete your little one's traditional look with theAditi Antique Kids Maang Tikkas. These adorable headpieces are designed to add a touch of grace and elegance to their ensemble. Kids jewelry in this style is often too large or too small. Tarinika’s kids jewelry collection is made with this in mind. Crafted with intricate antique motifs and embellished with shimmering stones, they create a captivating appeal. Let your child feel royal with this pearl jewelry for kids that enhances their beauty and style. 

  1. Saanvi Nakshatra CZ Kids Waist Band:

Add a touch of glamour to your child's outfit with theSaanvi Nakshatra CZ Kids Waist Band.  Elevate their style with this enchanting kids fashion jewelry that sparkles with every move. 

This stunning piece features glittering cubic zirconia stones, which will surely twinkle with your little star.  

  1. Gauri Nakshatra CZ Kids Maang Tikkas:

Let your child shine like the star they are with theGauri Nakshatra CZ Kids Maang Tikkas. These maang tikkas are the perfect addition to any traditional attire, featuring an intricate design adorned with cubic zirconia stones. The adjustable chain ensures a perfect fit, allowing your little one to shine confidently. Watch them exude charm and grace with this exquisite pearl jewelry for kids. Tarinika brings you kids jewelry sure to keep your child sparkling at every special occasion!

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