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Kundan Collection - Necklace Sets

Heerna Kundan Necklace Set
Heerna Kundan Necklace Set ₹ 8,499
Malini Pearl Beads Kundan Necklace Set
Classic Beads Layered Necklace
Classic Beads Layered Necklace ₹ 1,679
Naviya Kundan Necklace Set
Naviya Kundan Necklace Set ₹ 6,999
Shaachi Kundan Necklace Set
Shaachi Kundan Necklace Set ₹ 4,489
Khevana Kundan Necklace Set
Khevana Kundan Necklace Set ₹ 3,289
Gehna Kundan Choker
Gehna Kundan Choker ₹ 11,929
Darika Kundan Necklace Set
Darika Kundan Necklace Set ₹ 5,439
Single Layered Classic Kundan Necklace
Calla Floral Kundan Necklace Set
Calla Floral Kundan Necklace Set ₹ 4,299
Heather Classic Kundan Necklace Set
Heather Classic Kundan Necklace Set ₹ 3,989
Danica Statement Kundan Necklace Set
Danica Statement Kundan Necklace Set ₹ 5,429
Classic Shine Polki Necklace Set
Classic Shine Polki Necklace Set ₹ 6,319
Polki Brilliance Necklace Set
Polki Brilliance Necklace Set ₹ 5,839
Leafy Affair Polki Necklace Set
Leafy Affair Polki Necklace Set ₹ 8,919
Classic Polki Tennis Necklace Set
Classic Polki Tennis Necklace Set ₹ 5,029
Classic Ivy Polki Necklace Set
Classic Ivy Polki Necklace Set Sold Out
Regal Polki Statement Necklace Set
Regal Polki Statement Necklace Set Sold Out

Kundan Necklace Sets: 

The age-old craft of making Kundan jewellery has extended to fashion jewellery as well. That being said, imitation Kundan necklace sets are very popular with many because they get the same royal looking Kundan jewellery at a very affordable price. Kundan necklace sets come in different styles to suit different attires on different occasions. There are Kundan chokers, short necklace sets, long necklace sets and layered sets in a variety of designs. 

Kundan necklace sets can be made of different gemstones, CZ stones, beads or pearls. The choice depends on the design. Kundan jewellery used to be worn by royals and nobles in the olden times and is still known for giving its wearer a magnificent, royal appearance. Apart from this, a Kundan necklace set will never go out style making it a wise investment choice. And there’s the fact that you can wear a Kundan necklace set with any kind of outfit and still look like a million bucks. 

Types of Kundan Necklace Sets: 

Kundan Chokers: 

A perfectly styled Kundan choker set can give a luxurious feel to your attire and be the perfect companion for wedding events as well as a part of bridal jewellery. Kundan chokers can be effortlessly paired with elegant sarees or lehengas for a royal look. The most common motifs found in Kundan jewellery are flowers and leaves. Kundan chokers can be embellished with Kundan & CZ stones, pearls or coloured beads to accentuate their look. 

Kundan Short Necklace Sets: 

Kundan short necklace sets come in different styles and colours. The colour is usually derived from the gemstone or bead used in making the necklace set. With elegant motifs of flowers and leaves, Kundan necklace sets stand apart with their richness of detail and sophistication. Kundan short necklace sets are the best accessories for afternoon parties or Indian events. 

Kundan Long Necklace Sets: 

Long Kundan necklace sets can be used to create a layered effect in conjunction with Kundan choker which will look effortless and elegant at the same time. Kundan long necklace sets are the perfect foil for your richly embellished bridal lehenga or ethnic saree. Generally, CZ or Kundan stones or pearls or coloured beads are used in the design. From simple single strand long necklace to elaborate Kundan designs, there are many options to buy from for your occasion. 

Kundan Layered Necklace Sets: 

Kundan layered necklace sets bring out the radiance and royal look of Kundan jewellery to the max. Double or multi-layered Kundan necklace sets can create the flawless royal look while maintaining the tone of the occasion. They are best suited for bridal jewellery, wedding event or a special event equally. 

Tips to Care for Your Kundan Necklace Set: 

A Kundan necklace set can only remain timeless if take proper care. Some of the tips to maintain the magnificence of your Kundan necklace set are as follows: 

  1. Do not expose your Kundan necklace set to perfumes or chemicals as they may harm the jewellery. 
  2. Store your Kundan necklace set in as jewellery box away from light and moisture to increase its shelf-life. 
  3. If you see signs of tarnishing, you can use an eraser to remove the blackened spots. 
  4. Always use a soft cloth to clean your Kundan jewellery. 
  5. Do not use soap or chemicals to clean the jewellery. 

Reasons to buy Kundan Necklace Sets from Tarinika: 

  1. We have expert master craftsmen to make Kundan jewellery. 
  2. We have more than 30 years of jewellery making experience. 
  3. We provide 1-year warranty on all our items. 
  4. We provide customization of Kundan jewellery as per your choice at no extra cost. 
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