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Brides of Tarinika

At the house of Tarinika we have cultivated the art of Indian bridal aesthetic. Bespoke opulence infused subtly into the details. We have crafted a range of jewelry inspired by the different details and moods of the Indian brides. They represent a strong character, refined femininity and a holistic spectrum of choices. Dive in this articulated selections of pieces curated for the good days under the sun.

The Southern Bride



South Indian brides bring so much elegance to the table and we are in complete awe! They have a unique way of looking classic in the most non-fussy way possible.

The Northern Bride



Apart from the opulence, another striking feature of Indian weddings is their loyalty to customs and traditions. With the changing waves of times these customs are merging towards more fun and eclectic celebrations.

The Marathi Bride



Maharashtrian weddings are simple and pay homage to spiritual signifances. All wedding rituals exhibit the core values of the Maharashtrian culture. As a Maharashtrian bride, you represent a generation. So spice it up with exquisite bridal jewelry from Tarinika.

The Muslim Bride


A Muslim bride adorns certain pieces of jewelry which really sets her apart. The side tikka - popularly known as the jhoomar - adds softness in your look. Head ornamentation and hair styles are also an integral part of a Muslim bride's jewelry and they provide an ethereal sense of wonder. Celebrate your Nikah with charming bridal jewelry from Tarinika.

The Bengali Bride


Lovely As The City Itself

The Bengali bridal attire stands out with its simplicity and hasn't changed too much in the last few decades. In a sea of lehengas, Bengali brides still mostly opt for a nice Benarasi silk saree. But that doesn't mean that you can't take the look and turn it on its head with some individual touches or some beautiful jewelry by us.