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Risva Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Necklace Set
Kalya Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Necklace Set
Mannith Antique Mangalsutra Necklace
Mannith Antique Mangalsutra Necklace ₹ 1,279
Mirana Antique Black Beads Necklace Set
Falgu Antique Mangalsutra Necklace Set
Elephant Classic Antique Mangalsutra Set
Safa Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Necklace Set
Misri Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Set
Misri Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Set ₹ 1,279

Mangalsutra Jewellery: 

The mangalsutra is a black bead jewellery worn by married Hindu women. Every region in India has unique black bead designs of mangalsutra. The black bead jewellery typically consists of black beads hung on a thin string of base metal with a pendant in the centre. The pendant designs differ from region to region, with Lakshmi thaali worn by Telugu brides, ela thaali or minnu worn by Malayalee brides, two vatis worn by Maharashtrian brides, etc. The modern imitation mangalsutra or black bead jewellery is designed for functionality and aesthetic appeal. It comes in different styles and designs. You can get minimalistic to heavy imitation mangal sutra to suit your purpose.  

The black bead necklace is generally available in single or dual strands and has matching earring sets. Different motifs can also be carved on the mangalsutra pendant, such as temples, flowers, birds, etc. The pendant designs on the mangalsutra can vary with pure metal or studded stone pendants. Both look equally appealing as pure metal pendants have intricate carvings in different shapes, and the stone-studded pendants sparkle and glow with the brightness of the stones. Imitation black bead jewellery is usually made of brass alloy with plating in yellow-gold, white-rhodium, white-gold, etc. 

Imitation mangalsutra or black bead jewellery is perfect for daily use, parties, festive occasions, family events, etc. It can be worn easily with formal wear and Western outfits. If taken care of properly, imitation mangalsutra can last long. Remember to remove it before bathing and avoid wearing perfumes or other chemicals that may cause it to lose its shine. The best way to store your black bead jewellery is in a jewellery box so it doesn't get entangled with other pieces.

Here are our top three mangal sutra designs -

Mirana Antique Black Beads Necklace Set

Our elaborate Mirana Antique Black Beads Necklace Set features peacock motifs with vibrant plumage in red and green cubic zirconia stones. The stunning colours add depth and dimension to this black bead jewellery, making it ideal for festive occasions. Consider styling it for evening parties or celebrations by pairing it with a silk saree or a lehenga. The mangal sutra is also ideal for new brides who prefer variety in their black bead necklaces.

Kalya Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Necklace Set

Our versatile Kalya Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Necklace Set features sparkling cubic zirconia stones and a contemporary design that will loved by the new age brides. This mangal sutra set is ideal for corporate women who love to embrace their cultural roots while still being modern in their approach. This contemporary black bead jewellery will suit your corporate attire and can be dressed up for an evening look. Pair it with a pantsuit or a blouse with trousers for an elegant look.

Mannith AntiqueMangalsutra Necklace

Our simple Mannith Antique Mangalsutra Necklace is ideal for casual and everyday wear. The mangal sutra features a subtle antique pendant that will pair well with your traditional attire. Style it with an elegant kurta set or a cotton saree for an understated yet classy look. The double string of the necklace gives it a sturdy frame for daily use. Moreover, the antique gold plating ensures it remains tarnish-free for the longest duration.


What does mangalsutra mean?

The mangalsutra is a symbolic necklace worn by married Hindu women. It is a combination of two words. Mangal means auspicious, and sutra means thread or cord. The mangalsutra symbolizes the auspicious bond of marriage and is considered a sacred symbol of matrimony. 

What is mangalsutra made of?

Mangalsutras are traditionally made of black beads, gold, and sometimes diamonds or other precious stones. The design and materials used can vary based on personal preferences and cultural traditions. Contemporary mangal sutras or black bead jewellery is usually made of brass metal for convenience, daily usage, and quality. The black beads are the fundamental components that represent prosperity and marital bliss. 

Why does the mangalsutra have black beads? 

The black beads in a mangalsutra hold cultural and symbolic significance. They are believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the marriage from negative energies. Black is also considered a colour of stability and strength. It symbolizes the prosperity and longevity of the marital bond. Therefore, black beads in the mangalsutra are integral to its meaning and purpose in Hindu matrimonial traditions.
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