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Pendant Sets


Pendant Sets: 

Pendant sets are characterized by a locket hanging from a plain chain. The locket can have intricate or simple designs. Pendants also have lockets in the shape of different gods and goddesses. These pendants are not to be confused with temple motif pendants as the former may represent the religious belief of the wearer whereas the secondary is generally worn for ornamental purposes. Other pendant designs include tribal, contemporary, animals, floral, geometric, lace, etc. Fashion pendant sets are available in different coatings such as yellow gold, matte finish, white gold, rose gold, white rhodium, etc. Then there are American Diamond (AD) aka Cubic Zirconia (CZ) pendant sets and Kundan pendant sets. 

Pendant sets come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your dress neckline, you can go for a short pendant set or a long pendant set in case of a deep neckline. Pendant sets are very versatile and can be worn on various occasions ranging from weddings, festivities, religious ceremonies, cocktail parties, buffets, formal meetings, casual outings, etc. Choose a minimal pendant set for a subtle look or go for a bold statement piece for weddings or parties to stand out from the crowd. 

Types of Pendant Sets: 

Pendant sets come in different shapes and sizes based on their designs. Some of the common ones are: 

Temple Pendant Sets: 

Temple pendant sets are characterized by the designs of gods and goddesses carved on the locket. The pendant may be pure metal or studded with stones depending on the design and the level of intricacy. Temple pendant sets pair beautifully with ethnic wear and add an extra dimension of charm to it. Among temple pendant sets, Laxmi pendant sets or Balaji pendant sets are more popular. 

Tribal Pendant Sets: 

As the name suggests, tribal pendant sets are inspired by the designs worn by different tribes. These pendant sets look the best with ethnic as well as Western wear. 

Floral/Animal Pendant Sets: 

Floral and animal pendant sets have the design of a particular flower, leaf or animal. The most recurring motifs are peacock, elephant, leaves, and lotus. These pendant sets may be made completely of metal on which the design is carved or can also be studded with stones as per their design. Peacock pendants and elephant pendants are the more popular pendant designs. 

Delicate Pendant Sets: 

Delicate pendant sets are perfect if you want an elegant, understated look. These pendants have delicate designs in different shapes and can be dual toned as well. Delicate pendant sets form the right accessories for formal meetings or office wear. 

Charm Pendant Sets: 

Charm pendant sets are supposed to bring good luck to the wearer and protect them from negative energies. Charm pendants come in different designs and are made of metal, gemstones, ceramic, glass, beads, and other jewellery materials. 

Reasons to Buy Pendant Sets from Tarinika: 

  1. Eclectic collection of pendant sets ensuring you have a diverse variety to make a choice. 
  2. Meticulously handcrafted jewellery by expert craftsmen. 
  3. All jewellery pieces carry a warranty of 1 year and can be returned within 14 days of delivery. 
  4. Only premium stones are used in the designs such as AAA CZ stones and freshwater pearls. 
  5. Customization is available at no extra cost.
  1. 30+ years of jewellery making experience 
  2. The jewellery collection is updated every 2-3 months based on changing jewellery trends.