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Antique - Choker

Siddhi Antique Choker Set
Siddhi Antique Choker Set ₹ 6,069
Naomi Antique Choker Set
Naomi Antique Choker Set ₹ 5,269
Drisana Antique Choker Set
Drisana Antique Choker Set ₹ 5,159
Akshi Antique Choker Set
Akshi Antique Choker Set ₹ 2,899
Vakula Antique Choker Set
Vakula Antique Choker Set ₹ 4,879
Sana CZ Antique Choker Set
Sana CZ Antique Choker Set ₹ 6,939
Arki Antique Choker Set
Arki Antique Choker Set ₹ 6,549
Azba Unique Floral Antique Choker
Azba Unique Floral Antique Choker ₹ 4,409
Temple Classic Antique Choker Set
Temple Classic Antique Choker Set ₹ 6,529
Palash Antique Choker Set
Palash Antique Choker Set ₹ 10,169
Azba Statement Antique Choker
Azba Statement Antique Choker ₹ 4,539
Palak Antique Choker Set
Palak Antique Choker Set ₹ 9,959
Isha Antique CZ Choker Set
Isha Antique CZ Choker Set ₹ 9,899
Kumud Antique Choker Set
Kumud Antique Choker Set ₹ 4,679
Malavika Antique Choker
Malavika Antique Choker ₹ 3,839

Antique Chokers: 

Choker or collar necklaces are very huge among the jewellery conscious right now.  These necklaces are worn very close to the neck and may come up to the collarbone. Fashion antique gold choker necklaces as well as antique oxidized choker necklaces are very much in demand among women due to the look and elegance of the choker necklaces. Also, it is easy to pair choker necklaces with other different-length necklaces to create a layered effect as they do not tangle with other necklaces given their length and pattern. 

Imitation antique gold choker necklaces come in different designs and patterns. Let us take a close look at the different antique gold choker designs available in the market: 

Antique Gold Choker Necklaces:

Fashion antique gold choker necklaces designs are usually made of brass alloy with gold plating. They can come in different designs such as temple, floral, animal, bird, etc. The recently launched Gloria Antique CZ Premium Choker Set is a beautiful piece of temple antique gold choker necklace jewellery. Studded with high-grade shimmering CZ stones, this choker necklace combines traditional temple elements with modern aesthetics seamlessly. It has bewitching floral and Goddess Lakshmi motifs with layers and will make an invaluable companion for the upcoming festive season. Another example of exemplary temple design is the Classic Coin Antique Choker Set. You can find traditional Goddess Lakshmi coin motifs and floral patterns carved in this short antique choker necklace. With colorful CZ stones adding to its charm, it is a must-have for every jewellery afficionado. The stunning Azba Statement Antique Choker is a symphony of floral motifs and filigree patterns. This simple antique gold choker necklace is studded with gemstones and golden metal beads. It will make an eye-catching addition to your outfit for weddings or festive events. 

Another type of antique choker necklace design that is admired by women is the antique oxidized choker necklace design. Let us have a close look at the different kinds of antique oxidized choker necklaces available in the market: 

Antique Oxidized Choker Necklaces:

Imitation antique oxidized choker necklaces are usually made of brass alloy with antique silver oxidized plating. Antique oxidized choker necklaces can have different motifs such as peacock, floral, leaf, etc. and be studded with gemstones, pearls, and beads. One of the best antique oxidized choker necklaces is the Maati Peacock Jhumki Statement Antique Oxidized Choker SetIt has intricate traditional peacock motifs with pearl drops and accompanying jhumki earrings to complete the look. You can pair this statement choker necklace with your favorite saree or ethnic dress for a stunning look. Simple antique oxidized choker necklaces like the Maati Square Floral Antique Oxidized Choker Set are perfect when you want to go for a subtle but alluring look. With classic tribal and floral motifs and small pearl drops, it creates a graceful minimal look that can be easily paired with ethnic dresses or sarees. Tribal motifs are very popular in antique oxidized choker necklaces and hence, these choker necklaces can be worn for a casual outing or an informal party equally comfortably. 

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