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Hair Accessories


Hair Accessories: 

Hair accessories like maang tikka, damini, brooch, jada are very popular among Indian ladies and worn to enhance and draw attention to their hair styles. Daily wear hair accessories are made from cheap materials while those meant as jewellery can be made from precious metals or alloys with gold plating. Such hair accessories can also be studded with precious or semi-precious gemstones and beads to enhance their beauty. Indian hair jewellery is worn for weddings or special occasions. They also form an indelible part of the bridal jewellery. 

Hair accessories can have different motifs like Goddess Lakshmi. peacock, coin, guttapusalu (clustered pearls), etc to be worn on different occasions. Hair accessories are so popular that you get hair accessories meant for little girls as well. 

Types of Hair Accessories: 

Maang Tikkas: 

Maang tikka has a round pendant attached to a chain that is worn on the center of the head. Maang tikka is a much-loved jewellery piece by brides and women equally. You will find some type of maang tikka design in almost all the parts of India. Expensive maang tikkas can be made of gold, kundan, real polki, etc while imitation maang tikkas are made from alloys like brass. They can be adorned with cubic zirconia stones, kempu stones, pearl and golden metal beads. Some designs are even enameled to give them a unique look. Most maang tikkas are adorned with motifs of gods and goddesses, animals, birds, flowers, etc. to make them look more auspicious. Imitation maang tikkas come in antique, Nakshatra CZ and Kundan styles. 


Daminis are like extended maang tikka with a central pendant and chain as well as two or more side chains extending on both the sides of the head. Daminis are also called matha patti. You can go for bold, heavy daminis or delicate ones depending on your choice of outfit and occasion. Heavy daminis can be made of precious metals like gold and alloys like brass and studded with precious gemstones, cubic zirconia, pearls, beads and more. The more delicate ones might not be more than a delicate centerpiece connected to three chains. The Jalaja damini is very delicate-looking and is inspired by lotus flowers and pearls. They can be a great addition to your attire on any festive occasion or simple wedding event. 

Hair Brooch: 

Hair brooches come in different styles and designs. There are those which are worn around the bun while jadas are for adorning the ponytail or choti. Hair Clips are meant as an anchor for your hair style. Hair brooches do a great job of drawing the eye towards the hair style. They can be worn at weddings or festive occasions. Hair brooches can be made of metal, lace, multi-coloured strings etc. Precious stones, cubic zirconia, pearl and other beads are used to adorn hair brooches. Elaborate hair brooches can have designs of gods and goddesses while the simpler ones can have flora and fauna in their designs. 

Ear Side Chains: 

As the name suggests, ear side chains are attached to the earrings and anchored to the side of the ears. Ear side chains can be single layered or multi-layered depending on the design and the occasion. They are made from metal chain links and can have pearls or coins with design of gods on them. Some can have floral or leaf designs. Ear side chains can be worn for parties, weddings or festive occasions. 

Reasons to buy Ear Side Chains from Tarinika: 

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