Paksha Silver Jewelry
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Antique Jewelry Collection
‘Antique’ jewelry is any jewelry older than 100 years old. Due to its upkeep, we now use imitations since it would be impractical to wear such jewelry in modern times. In fashion jewelry, the term ‘antique’ is used to differentiate jewelry with an antique, rustic look. Antique Indian jewelry comes in different designs, such as antique earrings, necklace sets, pendants, and chokers. You can shop from various motifs used to embellish antique Indian jewelry at Tarinika, such as designs of gods and goddesses, geometric, lotus, elephants, peacocks, geometric shapes, or tribal designs.    

Nakshatra Jewelry Collection 

Nakshatra CZ or CZ or Cubic Zirconia stones or American diamonds, as they are popularly known in different parts of the world, are widely used in jewelry due to their massive demand among jewelry lovers. CZ stones are the closest in appearance to natural diamonds. However, CZ stones have higher clarity and shine with a brilliant fire. CZ stones are available in different colors, which makes them suitable for making different types of jewelry.    

Indian CZ jewelry combines the age-old craft of making Indian jewelry with modern CZ stones to create stunning masterpieces that will add to the grace and charm of their wearer. Different types of CZ jewelry are available in the market.  

Kundan Collection 

Kundan jewelry is a trendy Indian piece of jewelry that is well-renowned because of the craft utilized in making Kundan jewelry. Kundan jewelry passes through multiple manufacturing stages and is entirely handcrafted by various experts at different locations. Kundan means pure, refined gold. Due to the efforts required to make Kundan jewelry and the pure gold used, Kundan jewelry is costly. With the rising trend of fashion jewelry, you can get a superior Kundan fashion ornament at a fraction of the cost of authentic Kundan jewelry. The base metal used in making Kundan fashion jewelry is usually some kind of alloy like brass that has been given a gold plating. Kundan & CZ stones, pearls, and other colored beads are used for adorning Kundan fashion jewelry. 

Bridal Collections at Tarinika 

From a rich cultural heritage with intricate designs,  Indian bridal jewelryis here to fulfill your dream bridal look.  Too many choices make shopping for bridal jewelry for your wedding challenging. Worried you won’t find the right jewelry for your big day? Why fear when Tarinika is here! At Tarinika, we aim to achieve all your bridal dreams with the latest bridal jewelry trends.  

The Indian bridal look is never complete without traditional jewelry. From enchanting CZ necklace sets to temple jewelry sets, antique designs give a timeless look to the wedding festivities. If you desire to look elegant with a classic and vintage touch, picking up some antique ornaments like a choker, bangles, necklace sets, rings, etc., will pump up your look for your day! 

Mangalsutras, pendant sets, and more! Tarinika’s Mala collection serves every need, from new mangalsutras to beautiful pearl necklaces and statement pendants. Tarinika’s black bead necklace collection encompasses various designs, from classic to contemporary, ensuring pieces that resonate with your style. Each necklace is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, resulting in a masterpiece showcasing black beads' beauty and allure. At Tarinika, we understand the importance of quality and craftsmanship. Each black bead necklace is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, using high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability.