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Contemporary Collection - Earrings

Maissa Delicate Earrings
Maissa Delicate Earrings ₹ 859
Jalaja Lotus Pearl Dangle Earring
Jalaja Lotus Pearl Dangle Earring ₹ 1,299
Jalaja Small Motif Stud Earring
Jalaja Small Motif Stud Earring ₹ 899
Fish Oxidized Hoop Earrings
Fish Oxidized Hoop Earrings ₹ 499
Fish and Pearl Oxidized Classic Earrings
Pansy Floral CZ Flare Stud Earrings
Pansy Floral CZ Blossom Stud Earrings
Pansy Floral CZ Classic Stud Earrings
Fish and Pearl Oxidized Drop Earrings
Pansy Floral CZ Blossom Drop Earrings
Circles and Florals Earrings
Circles and Florals Earrings ₹ 1,059
Geometric Flare Earrings
Geometric Flare Earrings ₹ 1,259
Danae Gold Plated Tribal Earrings
Danae Gold Plated Tribal Earrings ₹ 1,099
Jalaja Double Motif Long Earring
Jalaja Double Motif Long Earring ₹ 1,999
Hades Gold Plated Tribal Earrings
Hades Gold Plated Tribal Earrings ₹ 1,099
Astra Nakshatra CZ Earrings
Astra Nakshatra CZ Earrings ₹ 1,499
Sienna Blossom Delicate Earrings
Sienna Blossom Delicate Earrings ₹ 1,099
Jalaja Queenly Hair Chain Long Earring

Shop Tarinika's Contemporary Earrings Collection 

Fall in love with Tarinika's Contemporary Collection, where sophistication meets demure charm. Our curated range of exquisitely crafted jewellery pieces embraces the essence of contemporary fashion, offering a fusion of traditional artistry and contemporary aesthetics. Each design in this collection showcases a unique blend of grace and intricate beauty, making them perfect accessories for the modern woman. Most modern earrings today tend to be a bit to unique and quirky to suit all occasions, but Tarinika has only the best sets, just for you! 

Jalaja Layered Pearl Hanging Earrings 

Elevate your look with the Jalaja Layered Pearl Hanging Earrings, a stunning masterpiece that redefines elegance. This contemporary earrings design features delicate layers of pearls, layered carefully to add movement to your outfit. Perfectly designed, these contemporary earrings complement both casual and formal attire. 

Hibiscus Stud Earrings 

Make a bold style statement with the Hibiscus Stud Earrings, a refreshing take on contemporary earrings. These captivating modern earrings showcase intricate detailing of hibiscus petals, embracing femininity and grace. These earrings are the best choice for a simple office look. 

Hrida Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set 

Adorn yourself with the Hrida Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set, a symbol of celestial beauty and modern elegance. The necklace features sparkling cubic zirconia stones intricately arranged in a constellation-like pattern, capturing the essence of the night sky. This contemporary set is a perfect accessory to elevate your ethnic ensembles or add a touch of allure to your contemporary outfits. Also known as contemporary diamond earrings, these cubic zirconia beauties will become your favourite. The contemporary earrings along with this set will make you gleam in an outfit of your choice!  

Dancing Lady Antique Earrings 

Embrace the allure of classical dance with the Dancing Lady Antique Earrings. Inspired by the grace and beauty of traditional dancers, these earrings exude timeless charm with their intricate antique finish. Most modern earrings end up being either too plain or heavily designed. The contemporary touch in their design makes them a versatile accessory that effortlessly complements both traditional and modern outfits, adding an aura of sophistication to your overall look. This contemporary earring design is the perfect piece to go with your ethnic or Western outfits. A quirky take on the otherwise simple antique design, these dancing ladies will make you the star of the show! 

Aastha Antique Stud Earrings 

Add a contemporary twist to your ensemble with the Aastha Antique Stud Earrings. These exquisite studs showcase a delicate balance between old-world charm and contemporary finesse. The unique antique finish lends an air of opulence to these earrings, making them a perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance and nostalgia to any outfit, be it formal or casual. This contemporary earrings design looks best paired with ethnic outfits, so look to pair your favourite churidar with this set. 

In Tarinika's Contemporary Earrings Collection, each jewellery piece is a testament to the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. Explore the convergence of tradition and modernity as you adorn yourself with these captivating designs, designed to make you stand out and shine on every occasion. Experience the essence of contemporary elegance with Tarinika's exquisite jewellery collection. 

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