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5 most Trending Kamarbands of 2022! What's Special About Them

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Indian attire is incomplete without Jewelry. It is the blend of the perfect jewels and pieces that can make a look unforgettable or just plain drab. While opting for statement pieces to add that extra glamor to your attire, you must look beyond the usual Indian earrings or a necklace. Wearing the kamarband as a jewelry trend from the classic olden days making a grand comeback and we are all for it!

A Kamarband is a band or a belt that is worn over your waist. It can either be made out of fabric or as a jewel. The Kamarband is a statement piece in itself and is usually worn over the outfit over the waist. In the concept of 'Solah Shringaar' or the 'sixteen accentuates' for women, wearing a kamarband is one of them. Wearing a Kamarband is said to enhance good posture. It also is said you give the wearer positive energy and protection against the evil eye. Some people do prefer wearing subtle chains and fabric belts as kamarband accents for their outfits but we have a list of five Kamarband styles that are absolute showstoppers. Plus we are keeping up with the 2022 trends, traditional style! 

The Intricate Affair

A Kamarband which is crafted in the antique gold color and has intricate motifs is a go-to design choice for your traditional look.  The Padmini Antique WaistBand is the perfect choice for a no-hassles Kamarband for any celebration. The design of the Kamarband takes inspiration from Indian earrings and the central motif piece is a showstopper on its own.

Gold+Silver: Best of both worlds

Sometimes it is hard to decide between gold and silver as they are both amazing choices for styling your traditional look. While choosing the classic gold can never go wrong, choosing silver will make your jewels stand out and shine. We have the perfect solution for your conundrum. Going for a Kamarband that has the gold in the carvings and the designs but also has silver in the form of rhodium accents. The Lord Ganesha Antique Waist Belt by Tarinika is the perfect blend of the two worlds. The Ganesha motifs add to its beauty manifold.

Statement Piece

Sometimes, you do not need exorbitant designs to make a piece of jewel work. Statement pieces of jewelry work so much better if what you are looking for is making a statement with minimal work The Ram Parivar Brooch Antique Waist Belt is simplicity itself. A solid gold-colored belt to wear over your silk finery but with a magnificently and intricately crafted motif that adorns the belt like a brooch. It is rich, it makes a grand statement.

Antique Jhumkas style

We love our Jhumkas, don't we! Even in a Kamarband design, incorporating the antique jhumkas design would be tricky but the result will be a sight to behold. Taking inspiration from the timeless splendor of the temple jewelry and incorporating it in the waist belt design would make sure it is one-of-a-kind. This is why we love the timeless design that is the Duti Antique Waistband. The Goddess Lakshmi motifs, the aura in the design, and the stones set in the antique gold belt, together spell out divine exuberance.

Flamboyant Shine

If you do not like flashes of gold, imagine a Kamarband in silver, only it looks much richer and much more grand than its auric counterpart. Choose a waist belt that is flamboyant in its design and is studded with high-quality CZ stones. The Shirali Nakshatra CZ Waist Band by the House of Tarinika is a breathtaking piece. What adds measurably to its beauty are the dangling pearls and the gorgeous nature-inspired designs adorning it.

A beautifully accented Kamarband can make or break your entire look and we are sure the designs above are more than what you are looking for. Looking for more? At the House of Tarinika, there is no dearth of beautiful designs.

Stay updated about more of our collections as we are constantly bringing you new designs.

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  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan