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5 Must-Have Black Beads Mangalsutras for the Modern Indian Bride

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What Is Mangalsutra?

Mangalsutra is a beautiful piece of jewellery worn by married Hindu women. The sacred thread symbolizes love and commitment between a husband and wife. It is typically a necklace made of gold or gold-plated metal. The black beads are a significant part of the mangal sutra and carry deep spiritual significance.

Why Mangalsutra Has Black Beads?

Black is associated with the Goddess Shakti in Hindu culture. The Goddess embodies strength, power and protection. The incorporation of black beads into themangalsutra is believed to invoke the blessings of Shakti. It ensures a strong and enduring marriage.  

5 Must Have Mangalsutras From Tarinika

Risva Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Necklace Set

Let our sleek Risva Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Necklace Set be your everyday companion. The simple mangal sutra design will add a touch of grace and sophistication to your casual outfits. The black bead mangalsutra can be paired with your traditional and Western outfits. Style it with a cotton t-shirt and trousers or a subtle salwar suit for an elegant look.

An image of a woman wearing black beads mangalsutra

Najira Delicate CZ Black Beads Necklace Set

Stay connected with your cultural roots even at your workplace with our Najira Delicate CZ Black Beads Necklace Set. This fancy short mangal sutra design helps you strike the perfect balance between professionalism and personal style. You can incorporate our mangalsutra into your business casual attire. Pair it with a fitted blazer, a pencil skirt and a blouse in complementary colours for a sophisticated yet effortless look.

An image of a woman wearing black beads mangalsutra


Falgu Antique Mangalsutra Necklace Set

Our Falgu Antique Mangalsutra Necklace Set is the perfect symbol of a sacred bond and marital bliss. The antique plating with quality cubic zirconia gemstones gives this piece a marvellous charm. Style this antique black bead mangalsutra on karwachauth to honour tradition and celebrate your marital bond. Pair it with a vibrant red or elegant maroon saree with gold embroidery or delicate embellishments. The rich colours and luxurious fabrics will perfectly complement the antique finish and red gemstones of the mangalsutra design.

An image of an Indian black beads mangalsutra on a beige background

Falgu Antique Mangalsutra Necklace Set

Mirana Antique Black Beads Necklace Set

Attend a grand wedding or a lavish reception by styling our Mirana Antique Black Beads Necklace Setwith your favourite lehenga or heavily embellished saree. The elaborate mangalsutra design features royal peacock motifs studded with vibrant cubic zirconia gemstones. The antique finish of the mangalsutra will complement the opulence of your attire and add a vintage charm to your look.

An image of a woman wearing black beads mangalustra

Mirana Antique Black Beads Necklace Set 

Safa Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Necklace Set

Our Safa Nakshatra CZ Mangalsutra Necklace Set is the perfect mangalsutra design to be styled at festivals or cozy small family gatherings. Consider styling it with a vibrant kurta paired with comfortable leggings or palazzos. The simplicity of the outfit will allow the beauty of the mangalsutra to shine through. This long mangalsutra design will grab eyeballs and will be the focal point of your look.

An image of a woman wearing black beads mangalsutra

Types Of Mangalsutras

Mangalsutra designs have several names based on tradition and culture. They are called thali in Tamil, Ela tali or minnu in Kerala, or Dijhor in Kashmiri. Here is a glimpse of some of the types of mangalsutra found across Indian culture.

Dijhor Mangalsutra

Kashmiri mangalsutra or Dejhooor is an interesting form of mangalsutra. They are actually earrings made of gold woven in plain red thread. It is given to the bride by her parents. The plain red thread is replaced by a gold chain after the wedding and is gifted by the groom to the bride.

Thaali Mangalsutra
Mangalsutras are called Thaali or Mangalyam in Southern states. They have a unique pendant known as Thali Kodi. It is usually crafted in gold and embellished with religious motifs or intricate designs. These long mangalsutra designs are often strung on yellow threads. They symbolize prosperity and auspiciousness.

Mangalya Sutra
Mangalsutras are known as Mangalya Sutra or Lagno in Gujrat. The mangalsutra chain design typically consists of black beads with a pendant featuring elaborate designs such as peacocks or flowers. These mangalsutras are believed to bring good luck and happiness to the marriage.

Minnu Mangalsutra
The Christians in Kerala call the mangalsutra as Minnu. Every Christian bride has a Minnu. The Minnu is a pendant with a cross on a gold base shaped like a heart. The heart symbolizes the concept of love. The cross represents the relationship a husband and wife must follow.

Vati Mangalsutra
The Maharashtrian mangalsutra usually consists of a black beaded chain with two bowl-shaped hollow vatis. The two vatis signify Shiva and Shakti and the sacred union between husband and wife. Their central placement signifies the balance and harmony within the marital relationship.

These are just a few examples of the diverse types of mangalsutra chain designs found across Indian culture. Modern women prefer an amalgamation of traditional concepts and fancy short mangalsutra designs. Whether you choose a simple mangalsutra design or a contemporary one, you must invest in this black bead jewellery to honour your tradition and marital bond.


How much does a mangalsutra cost?  

The cost of a mangalsutra can vary significantly based on factors such as design, materials used, craftsmanship and brand. It can range from a few thousand to lakhs or more. 

Why do we wear mangalsutra?  

The mangalsutra is a sacred necklace worn by married Hindu women. It symbolizes marital status and the bond between husband and wife and is believed to bring good luck and happiness to the marriage. 

How many black beads in mangalsutra?  

Mangalsutras usually have a specific number of black beads arranged in a particular pattern. The number of beads can vary depending on cultural and regional customs. It is common to find mangalsutras with 9, 11, or 21 black beads. 

What should be the length of mangalsutra? 

The length of a mangalsutra can also vary based on personal preference and regional customs. It typically ranges from 16 to 20 inches. Modern women prefer shorter mangalsutras. 

What is mangalsutra made of?  

Mangalsutras are traditionally made of gold or gold-plated metal. The black beads are interspersed along the chain. Modern mangalsutras also incorporate diamonds and other gemstones into their design. It mostly depends on individual preferences and cultural influences. 

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