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5 Reasons to Wear Kamarband Jewellery This Wedding Season

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Waistbands or Kamarbands  are a fascinating accessory that has been part of traditional couture since ancient times. Known as Vaddanam in the Southern part of India, this jewelry type has been evolving in style and functionality over the years. In fact, this accessory can really enhance your glamor quotient if you pair it right. Traditionally worn on lehengas, Parkinis, and saris, you can also try to pair it with other attires. 

Read on to know about five waistband types that can help you shine like a diva! 

1. Temptingly Traditional:

Admit it, when it comes to choosing waistbands for grand occasions such as a wedding, our hearts often gravitate towards the traditional designs. Occasions that call for traditions and culture are best complemented by such an Indian jewelry set. The  Lord Ganesha Antique Waistband from Tarinika is a perfect example of such a waistband. Detailed with elaborately crafted Ganeshas, and embellished with the right amount. Beautiful motifs shine on a singularly attractive waistband, that can be perfectly complemented with a matching necklace and pendant too. 

2. Glittering glare:

These words perfectly describe the beauty of CZ studded waistbands. While crafted in a traditional style, this waistband is special for it adds that oomph and sparkle to your attire. While there are quite a few designs to fall in love within the CZ category of waistbands, a special shoutout goes to the Vibha Nakshatra CZ Waistband from Tarinika. Inspired by flora and fauna, the graceful peacocks in gold enhance the beauty of this delicately crafted piece. To make the most of its grandeur, pair it with an attire that has elements of gold embroidery in it.

3. Alluringly Antique:

Wrap yourself in designs that are enriched with antique elements. A beautiful finish, elaborate patterns, and a fine finish are what it takes to create this beauty. The Kalapini antique waistband from Tarinika ticks the right boxes as a great accessory for many occasions. A great choice for young teenagers, who can wear it with their parkinis, lehengas, or saris, this jewelry is great for varied age groups. The fluidity in design, the delicate detailing is all set to enthrall. The attention to intricate details, the setting of colored CZs, and the play of design elements make it a piece that's both classy and stylish. 

4. Pretty with pearls:

Gutta pusalu or little pearl bunches can enhance the look of the beautiful waistbands. With waistbands being a piece of beautiful and versatile jewelry, the chain format of waistbands enhances their usability as necklaces too. The Ania antique waistband from Tarinika is a pretty sight to behold. A great complement for light occasions, this one is a preferred ornament for many young women. A simple yet stunning piece of jewelry, its subdued palette of colored CZ stones and pearls can add elegance to your appearance. Opt to wear it over saris and parkinis and you can carry off the elegant and regal look with effortless ease for different occasions. The lightweight and beautiful design makes this is a great choice for those simple yet special occasions. 

5. Statement Maker:

A statement piece of jewelry wrapped around a pretty waist is a perfect way to style your look. A well-crafted piece gives attention to detail, and it can enhance your appearance. A grand example in this regard is the beautiful Diva Nakshatra CZ waistband. Studded with colored CZs, the centerpiece of this Kamar-bandh is a beauty to behold. A gorgeous amalgamation of style and craftsmanship, the colored CZs create a perfect balance in this fauna and flora-inspired design. The beautiful work on the belt is wholesome and detailed. Complementing it with the right sari and wearing your waistband right can make you look grand at any party. 

With five styles of waistbands waiting to enhance your look whatever the occasion, be sure that you choose the right. Choose a waistband that complements your attire. Wearing the waistband at the right length can also make all the difference to the fit, comfort, and appearance of this stylish jewelry. More importantly, invest in waistbands that are high on craftsmanship and are made with quality materials. This will help you enjoy your beautiful piece of jewelry for a long time to come. We @shoptarinika have an extensive range of waistbands, necklaces.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan