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5 Stunning Necklaces to Style with Your Work Outfit

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It’s been a while since covid got us all working remotely from our homes. Now that we are slowly heading back to our offices, it’s time to ditch the messy bun and loungewear and switch to smart formal wear and dainty jewellery like a pendant necklace or casual stud earrings. 

Choosing a pendant or a choker necklace for your work can elevate your overall professional appearance by providing a subtle touch of sophistication. The right necklace can draw attention to your neckline. It can frame your face and create a focal point of attention that complements your work outfit. You can opt for a string of pearls pendant necklace or a subtle choker necklace for the office festivities. You should ensure that the choice of your necklace set adds to the visual appeal of your work outfit and subtly expresses your personality without being too distracting. Considering the above points, we have handpicked five stunning necklaces to style with your work outfit. 

1. Classic Pearls for your Casual Day at Work

A classic pearl necklace can be your go-to pendant necklace that can be styled with any casual office outfit. Jalaja Lotus Delicate Pearl Necklace can transform mundane office attire into a chic work outfit. You can style this elegant pendant necklace with a tucked-in blouse and dark denims to balance casual and professional aesthetics. 

2. Power Dressing for your Big Presentation 

Your important work events call for a statement necklace for ladies who get things done and lead in style. Dual Fish Oxidized Chain Necklace will give you the confidence boost for your next big presentation. You can style this contemporary jewellery piece with a tailored pantsuit or skirt suit in neutral colours like white, navy or grey for an effortless professional look. 


3. Kundan Charm for Festive Look at Work 

The festive party at your office calls for a sleek & classic choker necklace that grabs all the attention. The festive day at the office allows you to experiment a little with your jewellery and outfit. Fiza Kundan Choker Set is a perfect necklace set that will infuse a touch of traditional elegance into your festive ensemble. You can style the choker necklace with a saree or an Anarkali suit to stand out at the celebration. The versatile choker necklace can also be styled with a comfortable jumpsuit if you plan to skip a traditional outfit. 


4. Minimalistic Glam for your 1st Day at Work

An elegant pendant necklace is a must-have in your jewellery wardrobe that reflects your personality and is minimal yet chic. The Aglow Delicate CZ Pendant Set is a tasteful way to express your individuality while maintaining a polished and professional appearance on your first day at work. You can style the pendant with a crisp silk blouse and a pencil skirt to leave a positive and lasting impression on your colleagues on your first day on the job. 

5. Tribal Allure for your Formal Office Parties 

Do you have an office party to attend in the evening? It would help if you opted for a necklace design that seamlessly transitions from work jewellery to a party look. Our pick for you is the versatile Arete Gold Plated Tribal Necklace that fits well for a professional work look and can be styled with a party outfit in the evening. You can keep it simple for the workday and layer it with Nokomis Gold Plated Tribal Necklace for the evening look. 


Before we end the blog, here are some tips on choosing your workwear jewellery-

1) Avoid noisy jewellery like multiple bangles that can be distracting in a quiet office environment.

2) Stick to neutral colours like gold, silver or pearls. These colours are versatile and can easily complement a variety of outfits. 

3) It would help to opt for a minimalistic style and avoid large statement pieces for your office wear. You need to pay attention to the length of your jewellery. Long and dangling necklaces or oversized earrings might not be suitable for a conservative workplace.

4) Stick to the rule of three, where your jewellery accessories must not exceed more than three jewellery pieces. 

While we list the above office jewellery tips, we must also acknowledge that there are no rules in styling your jewellery pieces, and you can opt for jewellery that suits your style. You can either wear a sleek pendant necklace or a necklace design that accentuates your work outfit. The choice is ultimately yours. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan