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6 CZ Jewelry Sets to Shine Brighter This Wedding Season

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The wedding season has begun and the pressure to find that perfect jewelry set to go with your favorite ensemble has now become real. While it is quite easy to get carried away by the very many fads that are popular across social media, creating that lasting impression doesn't come easy. Picking out accessories and jewelry that is elegant, sparkly, and intricate can make a grand statement on its own. Before making a decision about which jewelry set to go for this wedding season, you will want to explore the choices with the House of Tarinika. 

CZ Jewelry Sets are all the craze now. They are beautiful, unique, and have an unmatchable charm. Often when you shop for  CZ Jewelry Sets, you end with designs that are ordinary and generic. At Tarinika, each design is thoughtfully crafted and made with love. Here are six CZ jewelry sets from our collection that will amp up your wedding look. 

Leaves and Vines 

From adorning jewelry crafted out of leaves and flowers to wearing a necklace that actually embodies that style, this pattern can do no wrong. Fall in love with a necklace that sits on your neck like a vine and makes you feel like a princess and nothing less. If you are a fan of minimalism or all things simple and classic, a simple design like this would be the way to go. On the backdrop of gold, the stones make beautiful leaves and vine motif. Our  Hiya Nakshatra CZ Necklace Set is one such design that comes to mind. The stunning garland arrangement necklace is set in CZ stones and has the most pristine gold backdrop. Although this design is not as theatrical as the regular designs out there, it is hard not to notice this set once worn. 

Simplicity Choker 

Nothing better than taking the classic route when it comes to  wearing jewelry at a wedding. But you want to stand out in a crowd while making a statement. A choker is the perfect choice of a jewel in that case. The best part about choosing the choker is that it gives you the opportunity to show off that neckline that you have been wanting to try for the longest time now. If making a statement with minimalism is your style mantra, then the  Beli Nakshatra CZ Necklace set from the House of Tarinika would be our pick for you. Featuring a delicate line of stones with a flower motif as the centerpiece, this set is bound to take your breath away. 

Flower Motif Long Necklace 

A long necklace is usually considered an add-on jewel with a smaller necklace but it can make quite the statement when worn alone. Wear a long necklace with almost any costume intended for the wedding and a long necklace will go perfect with it. Opting for traditional Indian motifs like flowers and leaves will work wonderfully with your entire look. No other jewel personifies regality as much. The  Khaira Nakshatra CZ long necklace set is our pick for a wedding party. It is bold, it is a sparkling piece of jewelry that beautifully shows off the floral motifs all over. 

Contemporary Design Choker 

Who says regular is boring! At a wedding, one piece of jewel that is usually overdone is the choker. But that does not also mean that you want to wear a choker but cannot because everyone would be wearing the same. In such a case, choose a choker style that is bold but effortless. Wearing this choker set will make sure that all eyes are on you at the event. It is a perfect choice of jewelry to pair with a cocktail dress or an evening soiree. At the House of Tarinika, we create unique jewels and the  Lana Nakshatra choker set is a testament to that. 

Pop of Color 

Move over silver and gold, it is time to make a statement in color. Make waves with a splash of color in your jewels. Not just with the usual red, play along and paint the town in an extraordinary color. Pastel is all the rage right now and weddings are the perfect time to flaunt a pastel-toned jewelry set. The  Florence Nakshatra choker set is the perfect example of color enhancing the piece of jewel. The CZ stones and the Tanzanite stones are studded together to weave magic.

Peacock Motif Long Necklace 

Any talk of jewels for the Indian wedding season cannot be complete without the peacock motif. The peacock is considered the most beautiful animal and it popularly features in many jewelry designs. It is a royal symbol and an absolute must-have in your collection. A long necklace, with peacock and floral motifs, would be perfect to wear with your dress in a wedding soiree like our  Geona Nakshatra CZ long Necklace Set 

We are sure you have picked out the right jewel for this wedding season. At Tarinika, the pieces are handcrafted with utmost care and precision. Choosing from our collection not only offers you a wide range but also caters to your design choices.

Stay updated about our collections as we are constantly bringing to you new designs. 

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  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan