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7 Best Jewelry Picks From Tarinika's Latest Jewelry Collection

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Manifesting the love of Indian jewelry with an inspiring collection.

Monsoon is here and with it, it has brought a sense of joyful reminiscence and an opportunity to splurge on yourself for the new season! Just like the heavenly rains amp up the mood for soulful conversations, it is time to amp up your jewelry repertoire with some soul and oomph as well.

The Tarinika Indian monsoon collection features a carefully curated collection of latest jewelry designs that best reflect the enigma that the monsoons are. In this article, we choose the seven best Tarinika jewelry designs that will take your monsoon look to the next level.

#1 Surya Nakshatra CZ Earrings

Tarinika’s Surya Nakshatra CZ Earrings are made with the perfect combination of Cubic Zirconia & Kempu stones. The graceful curves that adorn the earrings bring to mind the raindrops splattering on leaves during monsoon rains. 

These earrings give an ethereal look, instantly elevating to whatever you’re wearing to one of stately appeal. Plated with gold and rhodium, they are meant to last and set you apart in the crowd. As always, buying earrings online is a breeze on our website!

#2 Radha Krishna Antique Choker

The Radha Krishna Choker set is a piece of antique jewelry taking inspiration from the ever-playful duo of Radha and Krishna. Their story of love and laughter is engraved in a grand design of expert craftsmanship.

Made with Cubic Zirconia stones and antique plating, this choker is an exercise in storytelling that will perfectly complement any rainy day soiree with a twist. With a quality of playful reminiscence, this piece is both a conversation starter and a piece to behold. 

#3 Binu Antique Choker

This is the choker to wear when you are in the mood to pull off an impressive look that stuns, yet is sublime. Made with Kempu stones and an antique plating, Tarinika’s Binu Antique Choker is an exquisite piece of workmanship that balances the melancholia of monsoon with its exuberance and aplomb.

If you are looking for the perfect Indian jewelry your ethnic saree or your suit, this is the choker that will put the spotlight on you come night or day. The choker bodes well for a romantic rainy evening as well, beset in a royal décor.

#4 Fena Antique Earrings

Wearing Tarinika’s Fena Antique Earrings feels like a warm embrace from a long lost friend. Immediately blending in with whatever you wear, these earrings have a flowing drop design reminiscent of raindrops. 

Made with Cubic Zirconia stones and antique plating, the Fena earrings are as durable as they come. Yet they never lose their sheen with time, on the contrary, they age well, adding beauty and charm to their countenance.

If monsoons remind you of long lost friends, these earrings sure get your friends’ attention! A beautiful block painted suit in white would pair well with these earrings for the dark background of the monsoon season.

#5 Abhiri Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set

Shining like a full moon on a rainy monsoon night, the Abhiri Nakshatra Long Necklace Set gives off an enigmatic iridescent glow under the light. This is because of the absolute best quality Cubic Zirconia stones that we have used in this necklace.

This long necklace set will help you set a new bar for your look. Match this with a contemporary saree or a Kanchipuram, you are set to dazzle any stage or be the life of a party. 

Tasteful and sophisticated, the Abhiri Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set is what you deserve to wear on your big day! Buying necklace sets online is easy on our official website.

#6 Moon Antique Long Necklace Set

For the modern Indian woman, the Moon antique long necklace set is an exercise in perfection. Intricate design meets stunning Cubic Zirconia stones in an antique plated setting. 

An enchanting design, the moon necklace set is a stunner. Goes well with any rainy day setting as a backdrop, but really shines through when you pair this with a dark green saree. 

This necklace set will become your first choice for a friendly get together or even those acclaimed monsoon weddings!

#7 Iven Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set

The last but not the least of our Monsoon 7 special collection, the Iven Nakshatra Long Necklace Set is a visually stunning Cubic Zirconia laden design, with gold and antique plating.

Giving you a stately and aristocratic look, the Iven Nakshatra necklace set inspires confidence and earns respects of onlookers. Wear this one to a gala type event and its glory is sure to make you the center of attention. 

The intricate design reminds one of the layered and varied days of the monsoon. Each day brim with possibilities and hope. And the Iven Nakshatra Necklace Set to carry you through these days.


What are some of your favorite Indian jewelry from Tarinika’s new arrival? We’d love to know in the comments. You can also DM us on Instagram @shoptarinika or message us on Facebook.

  • Blog by: Lakshmi Ramisetty