Paksha Silver Jewelry

Our New Website

  • 1 min read

Why did we decide to relaunch our website by building a new website from scratch?

For many years, we have been accessible to people who prefer luxury and have an interest in Indian jewelry. They could access our website, see the products, and order for it to get delivered.

However, this year, we wanted to bring the jewelry experience closer to you. We wanted to create a new experience to our customers.

Browse through our website and you'll find exploring the range of collections easier than ever. The clean and minimalistic has been chosen for you to spend time, understand the jewelry, hone in on the product details, and only when you are satisfied, you order for us to ship your jewelry to you.

For every design, you'll be able to see the jewelry in full quality - with zoom-in capabilities - to see and experience the detailed design work and excellent craftsmanship.

You'll also be able to see it worn by a model so you can understand the reference size and the luxury look and more as if you are wearing it yourself.

You can create a user account to track your history and save your payment information for easy checkout. You can create your account by clicking here.

Lastly, we value your trust. Hence, we have ensured that the website is secure with state of the art SSL certificates.

We wish you luck! Hope you find your perfect jewelry today.

  • Blog by: Ishan Jain