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8 Beautiful Choker Necklace Designs that Each Woman should Try in Wedding Season

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Choker necklaces are the perfect jewelry for the wedding season. With the right kind of choker necklace set  paired perfectly over your favorite silk sari, you can plan a grand look for the upcoming wedding season. Whether it is your special day or the wedding of a close friend or family member, we help you choose from among the most beautiful choker jewelry sets. Read on to know more.

1. Zinnia Nakshatra CZ Choker Set:

If you are planning for a grand look, then the Zinnia Nakshatra CZ Choker set  is a glamorous choice. Studded with starry CZ stones, the unique triangular shape of this choker can give your neck a long and slender appearance. With colored CZs accentuating the design, beautiful cluster pearls line the border of the necklace. Complete with beautiful earrings, that accessorize your look perfectly, opt these for special occasions.

2. Nahara Nakshatra CZ Choker Set:

Crafted with high-quality CZs is the stunning Nahara Nakshatra CZ choker set. A stunning design that looks lovely, especially on long slender necks, colored CZs are used along with clear CZs to enhance the look. A unique modern design shines brightly both in the choker set and the complementing earrings. To create a mesmerizing look, match these with your favorite sari and you are all set for the upcoming wedding season.

3. Lana Nakshatra CZ Choker Set:

A dear favorite for many customers who prefer a no-fuss classic look, is the Lana Nakshatra CZ Choker Set. Packing just the right amount of oomph in its classy style, the yellow/white gold plating gives a chic appearance. The drop-shaped design adds flow to the pattern, making it look especially grand on wedding gowns and western wear as well. Choose to pair it with your favorite saris on reception evenings and cocktail nights for some added drama.

4. Bling Antique Choker Set:

Wedding seasons call for the addition of heavy jewelry to your wardrobe. So, enhance your wedding attire with jewelry like the Bling Antique Choker Set. The traditionally designed choker looks beautiful studded with ruby red stones. Bounded by a thin floral border that is etched to perfection, the pretty cluster pearls at the base of the choker are a joy to the eyes. The beautiful pendant of the necklace perfectly matches the pretty earrings that are ideal jewelry options for a traditional wedding.

5. Manjira Antique CZ Choker Set:

Depicting the dance of delightful peacocks, the Manjira Antique CZ Choker set is a masterpiece. Crafted to precision, the design is enhanced with colored and sparkling CZs. Gold beads and cluster pearls at the base of the choker add fluidity. Complemented by jhumkas, this traditional set is a great option for grand weddings. Pair it with a longer necklace and maang tika to bring out your look. If opting for simple and classy, this choker and its lovely jhumkas can effortlessly hold your look together.

6. Arki Antique Choker Set:

Slender yet grand, sleek yet well-embellished is the  Arki antique choker set. With a narrower choker band that wraps around your neck like a charm, its detailed pendant wows the heart. Winning much love, this choker set has been a preferred choice for young girls as well. Complemented with peacock and coin design earrings, this one is a piece that you will treasure for a long time to come.

7. Mugdha CZ Choker Set:

Vibrant CZs lay checkered across the bed of this stunning choker set design. With highlights of red and green adding vibrance, the  Mugdha CZ choker set is sure to entice you with its appeal. Pretty little jhumkas accentuate the look, while the drop design at the base of the necklace lends its own beauty. Dress like royalty with the comfortable fit and grand look that this choker set has to offer.

8. Shree Antique Choker Set:

Blessed by divine energies, the Shree Antique choker set  is ideal for auspicious occasions such as weddings, housewarming occasions, and special functions. With a beautifully etched image of Goddess Lakshmi Devi seated on a lotus, the design of the choker is a canvas of exquisite artisanship. Complemented by beautiful jhumkas, this is a set to fall in love with.

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