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8 Classy Kamarband Design to Look more elegant this Wedding Season

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The quintessential jewelry for the beautiful Indian bride? A waistband. Also known as kamarband or vaddhanam in different cultures, this beautiful jewelry wraps the waist in an elegant design. If you too are planning to purchase a waistband for your wedding sarees, do browse through 8 of our much-loved kamarband designs.

01. Manasi antique waistband:

It is easy to fall in love with the  Manasi antique waistband, thanks to its elaborate detailing and intricate artisanship. The beautiful imagery of Goddess Lakshmi in the center of the design bestows divinity. A grand display of nature-inspired elements is beautifully crafted around this central kamarband design. Beautiful peacocks flank the Goddess, while flowers studded with colored CZs add to the rapture. Gold beads at the bottom of the kamarband, and a sparkling display of CZs, make this an attractive jewelry.

02. Dityaa antique waistband:

The peacocks come out to dance on the beautiful canvas of this waistband. An antique style of artisanship shines through in the finish of the  Dityaa antique waistband. With Goddess Laxmi seated in the center, a line of peacocks can be seen on either side. Blessed with divine energies, the scene also shows various flowers and vines. A rich addition is the usage of colored CZs that enhance the appearance of this beautiful kamarband.

03. Lord Ganesha antique waistband:

A regal addition to your wedding trousseau is the  Lord Ganesha antique waistband. Intricate workmanship is displayed here with effortless ease, as beautifully handcrafted images of Lord Ganesha are seen across the length of the waistband. Accentuated with sparkling CZs, this waistband has a regal appearance and gives a rich addition to your wedding look. Match it with a suitable necklace and you have jewelry that is attractive and unique.

04. Chakriya antique waistband:

Add color to your jewelry with options like the  Chakryia antique waistband. With a beautifully intricate flowing design, the finesse of work in this piece makes it extra special. With Goddess Lakshmi seated on her padmasana, and surrounded by her favorite birds and flowers, this charming piece is full of vibrance and color. With oval-shaped colored CZs forming the central row of the design, cluster stones at the base of the kamarband add grandeur.

05. Ram Parivar antique waist belt:

Fall in love with the simple yet profound concept behind the  Ram Parivar antique waistbelt. The divine presence of Lord Ram, Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman, makes this piece incredibly special. With the focus of work on the depiction of the divine family, the rest of the waist belt is plain and classy. Simple yet striking, creative, and classic, this is a piece to own and wear on your special day.

06. Shirali Nakshatra CZ waistband:

Shine like a bright star with the shimmering  Shirali Nakshatra CZ waistband. Studded with vibrant CZs through the length of the waistband, the beautiful concept of flowers and peacocks across a meshwork of stones makes this piece a striking one. The tasteful arrangement of pearls at the base adds to the rich look of this piece. Match it with CZ necklaces, earrings, and bangles to complete your shimmering look.

07. Menaha Nakshatra CZ waistband:

A confluence of class, charm, and creativity is this beautiful waistband. Shimmering with the glow of hundreds of CZs, the classy design is bound to take your breath away. A simple rectangular colored CZ in the center is enticing, while the depiction of regal elephants and pretty flowers wins the heart. A lineup of pretty pearls from the ocean at the base of the waistband completes the look. Match the  Menaha Nakshatra CZ waistband with other CZ jewelry such as choker sets, bangles, and armlets to enhance your look.

08. Sateena CZ waistband:

Richly patterned with colorful flowers, leaves, and an amalgamation of traditional concepts, this antique design is grand and striking. The exquisite usage of sparkling CZs adds to the design and gives a grand look. Perfect for the Indian bride, a line of shimmery CZs interspersed with pearls from the ocean make you fall in love with the  Sateena CZ waistband. Wear a set of large jhumkas with pearls and CZs to complete the look.

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