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All The Trending Jewelry Styles for Your Wedding

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Every girl wishes to look her dazzling best on her wedding day. For many young girls, a perfect wedding is a dream come true, with the icing on the cake being the jewelry they adorn. While the plethora of choices outside can daunt any bride-to-be, trending jewelry styles are often what many brides turn to. Once you start checking out the options, you are often left flabbergasted, as there's too much information to sift through before you come upon pieces that you will like.   

Then there is the aspect of individualistic style, which is often lost in your bid to look stunning. This is where we at Tarinika come in. Offering a wide array of jewelry to many brides for many years, we compile a few tips for you to choose the best among trending jewelry styles.  


Opt for culture-oriented pieces of jewelry  

What's trending: Antique jewelry with polkis, rubies, emeralds, and pearls.  

Antique pieces of jewelry have always been the first choice for wedding jewelry. As these continue to trend, what you choose among the extensive range of antique jewelry available, will make all the difference. While choosing antique jewelry pieces, opt for heirloom jewelry if you have the option. Adorning pieces that belonged to your grandmother gives wedding jewelry personal touch and creates a luxurious look. If you don't have heirloom pieces, opt for culture-oriented pieces. India is blessed with rich diversity, and each Indian state has its own style of jewelry to offer. Take your pick among the varied styles and look stunning as you combine antique looks with a cultural edge.  


Go classic rather than experimental  

What's trending: Classic choices of diamonds and gemstones, but in modern settings.  

Many brides opt to showcase their personalized style statements, so a wedding may not be the ideal platform for experimental jewelry. Classic pieces of jewelry can always be a safer bet. However, to ensure that your classic jewelry pieces look stunning, do pay close attention to how they go with your attire. With the right jewelry designers, you can even strike a perfect balance between looking classy and unique.   


Choose a few pieces that reflect your style  

What's trending: Birthstone jewelry, statement rings, armlets, and temple jewelry.  

As your entire look comes together for your big day, do keep a few pieces that reflect your taste and personality too. With many occasions in traditional weddings, you will indeed find an opportunity to showcase jewelry that's your style. So, if birthstone-related jewelry is close to your heart, then do try to wear it for one of the low-key occasions.  


Pay close attention to the fit of the jewelry  

What's trending: Indian chokers that fit right and sit right around the neck.  

While it is important to look at the quality and craftsmanship of the piece of jewelry you plan to buy, do keep the jewelry fit in mind. Certain pieces look grand in images but may fail to impress when you put them on. If shopping online, look for pieces that can be easily exchanged. Also, keep the length of necklaces and width of bracelets in mind to ensure you create a well-balanced look. This is all the more critical when you plan to layer your choker necklace set, as you wouldn't want one to overlap the other.  


Get your colors right  

What's trending: Mood boosting jewelry colors that complement your attire.  

The color of your jewelry is essential. Choose the color tone based on your skin tone. Opt for stones that complement the colors of your dress well. While your look needn't match your attire and jewelry perfectly, choose pieces that complement your attire and vice versa. Weddings are a happy occasion, so select bright colors or pastel shades that make you feel satisfied. These are sure to enhance your mood and keep you smiling through the grand event. Opt for glitter and drama, and become the center of attraction.  

Buying jewelry online is a great idea when considering the extensive range and choosing pieces from artisans around the country. However, as you look at the craftsmanship, do pay close attention to quality, price, and the terms and conditions, too, as these delicate aspects can make all the difference. Keeping a budget in mind and comparing a few online jewelry sites can also help. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan