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AUTUMN EDIT: A Collection for Festivities

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AUTUMN EDIT : A Collection for Festivities

 As the awakening of autumn arrivesTarinika brings you a collection inspired by the colors and admirable patterns of the season. 

A collection full of beautiful revelations with regards to jewelry designs. Every design is made with outstanding craftsmanship to make you look gorgeous this Fall.  

Feel the vibe of the season with the excitement and playfulness of the festivals in the form of the best jewelry designs to suit the festive ambience of the season. 

                                                       “AUTUMN EDIT” 



As the season of festivities is around the cornerTarinika propose some of the most alluring, gorgeous and bespokdesigner jewelry ideal for the occasions from our latest collection. 

1) Lata Antique Earrings


Autumn has the perfect breeze and imagine wearing these gorgeous earrings on one of those calm and breezy days of the Autumn.  

These Jhumki style Lata Antique earrings makes your festive attire more and more beautiful to the eyes. Made with high quality stones to feel comfy for that festive rush. 

 Match them with your favorite Tarinika necklace set to feel all the festive vibes. #link# Start your jewelry shopping now with 

2) Anali Antique Choker Set


Anali Antique Choker Set is one of finest designs from our latest collection. 

 As you can smell the autumn dancing in the breeze, you can definitely smell festivities in this gorgeous necklace set.  

The Laxmi goddess motifs on the earrings and on the pendent makes it an ideal jewelry for a pooja.  

Wear this exemplary designer necklace set with a chiffon saree to set the mood for festivities. 

3) Kenza Antique Necklace Set


Someone rightly said, “Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons” This Kenza Antique Necklace Set by Tarinika definitely carries more festive in its design than any other jewelry. 

Crafted with utmost precision to give this beautiful shape to a jewelry. White pearl beads and goddess Laxmi engraved on the pendent for that something extra for the festivals.  

If you choose to go with a lehenga, don’t forget matching Tarinika bangles to complete the look #link. 

4) Dwija Antique Necklace Set



The Autumnal sunshine is the most pleasing thing you can feel on yourself in the season, next comes this astonishing Dwija Antique Necklace Set by Tarinika 

Filled with all the festive vibes by great temple designs on motifs and on the necklace. Crafted with high quality CZ stones to make the design picturesque for all festive occasions. 

Flaunt this elegant design with a ravishing lehenga and don’t keep your wrists empty, order matching bangles now. #link 

5) Pusp Antique Jhumka Earrings


Autumn paints the color that summer has never seen and this Pusp Antique Jhumka Earrings by Tarinika are crafted with same resolution of being different. 

A jewelry design specially made to shine in this glorious season of festivities. Crafted with high quality stones so that you can have the maximum fun of the festivals. 

Pearl beads and antique touch to these jhumki style earrings makes it more admirable and ravishing 

Pair it with a Tarinika pendent set for paramount effects. 

6) Supra Antique Necklace Set


Sunsets of the autumn are gorgeous beyond description such is this enchanting designer Supra Antique Necklace Set necklace set by Tarinika. Flaunt this alluring jewel on the beautiful autumn evenings of the festive season.  

The precise use of highest quality Cz stones and extraordinary craftsmanship makes it much more elegant for the festivities. Made to enjoy a full day of festivities without missing out on the chores. 

A beautiful traditional saree with the autumn sunlight will be enough to light up your festive mood. 



Early sunsets are one of the most beautiful happenings of the Autumn, however these earrings will never let the sunshine off you. Inspired by the ideal love of ‘radha-krishna these earrings represent all the playfulness of the festive season.  

Made with high quality kemphu stones to offer no interruptions in your festive celebrations. Feels as breezy as the autumn. 

Choose one of Tarinikas charming pendants and bangles to go with that awesome lehenga you were saving for the festivals. 

8) Rayi Antique Long Necklace Set


 As the autumn is sometimes described as the last and loveliest smile of the year, this necklace set by Tarinika full fills all the essentials to be the loveliest design of the festive season. 

Capturing the sacred love of radha-krishna in the form of this heavenly designed Rayi Antique Long Necklace Set by the best craftsman at Tarinika. Engraving on the pendant and the antique plating makes this necklace set a perfect fit for the festivals. 

Don’t make this necklace a casual affair, go all in with all the tradition you can possess for that big festive occasion. 



What are some of your favorite Indian jewelry from Tarinika’s new arrival? We’d love to know in the comments. You can also DM us on Instagram @shoptarinika or message us on Facebook. 

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