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Exploring the Timeless Appeal of Antique Jewellery with Tarinika

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Antique jewellery is generally any jewellery that was made 100 years ago, usually of silver and gold. These are heirlooms and are commonly handed down from family. While it is a great way to keep our traditions alive, maintaining antique jewellery can be a hassle, and reviving precious gemstone settings can be risky. Modern antique jewellery tends to be made of more affordable metals, such as brass and other alloys, which are easier to maintain. 

Antique jewellery comes in different styles, and with several motifs. Let’s look at a few of the most common styles of antique jewellery from Tarinika:  

Antique Kundan Jewellery: 

Kundan jewellery comes from the courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. This style of jewellery was originally made from precious stones such as uncut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. These stones were uncut and embedded in precious metals such as gold and silver. In recent times, metals such as brass and other alloys are used, with coloured glass stones and other semi-precious stones. The most used stones in recent times are cubic zirconia of different colours and other glass stones known as Kempu. 

Antique Nakshi Jewellery: 

Nakshi jewellery is a style of antique jewellery that originated in the Chola times and was only meant to be presented to the gods. After the fall of the Chola empire, it began to be used as Bharatnatyam jewellery, slowly trickling into the mainstream with time. It is now one of the most used styles of jewelry for weddings and special occasions. 

Antique Guttapusalu Jewellery: 

Guttapusalu is a style of jewellery that originated in Andhra Pradesh in the 18th century AD, along the pearl fisheries of the Coromandel coast. This style features fringes of pearl clusters, which are meant to resemble ‘gutta’ meaning swarms of small fish, generally around kundan jewels. This style famous in South India and is well-loved by celebrities.  

While this style tends to be expensive when made with gold or silver due to the intricacy of the pearl detailing, Tarinika offers you the same high-quality jewellery without compromising on the look, colours, or the style overall. 

As you may have noticed, these styles also have a number of motifs in common. These motifs are commonly divided into Flora and Fauna, with coin motifs being the only outliers. 

Flora Motifs: 

Lotus Motifs 

Lotus motifs are common mainly in Nakshi designs, in which they mainly feature alongside god and goddess motifs like that of Lakshmi, Krishna and others. 

TheLotus Antique Chandbali Earrings  are the best example of this, and are available in two variants, red and green. 

Mango Motifs 

Mango motifs are also one among the most common types of motifs in antique jewellery. These motifs are generally seen on earrings, necklaces and bangles. TheAntique Gold Plated Yutha Necklace Earring Set features this design, in the kundan style. 

Floral Motif: 

Floral motifs are modelled after simple flower and leaf filigree designs, which are repeated across Indian jewellery. Most styles of jewellery follow this motif since it signifies prosperity and happiness. 

Try theAzba Leafy Floral Antique Necklace if you would like to try a piece of jewellery with the same motifs. 

Fauna Motifs 

Peacock Motif:

Peacock motifs are the most common in all types of antique jewellery, since the design is simple and easy to replicate. TheClassic Peacock Antique Ring is one such piece of jewellery that can be added to anything in your nakshi jewellery closet. 

Elephant Motif:

Like the peacock motif, the elephant motif is shared among all types of antique jewellery, mainly Nakshi and Kundan. Signifying the Hindu god Ganesha, this motif is common because it holds several significant meanings in mythology. 

Fish Motif:

Fish are connected to the Matsya avatar of Vishnu and hence carry religious as well as cultural significance. The most common styles for this design are Nakshi and Kundan, which utilise the motif to add gemstone settings, or in a plain metallic design.  

Now, let’s dive into the antique jewellery offered by Tarinika!

Elegance Across Ages – Antique Earrings  

Imagine adorning your ears with antique earrings that have witnessed the passage of time, carrying the essence of their historical journey. Antique earrings hold a unique allure, blending vintage designs with a touch of modern sophistication.  

Our favourite antique earrings to pair with ethnic wear are: 

      1. The Eesha Antique Earrings 


 The Eesha Antique Earrings 

These beautiful antique earrings will be set to make you the talk of the town with their elegance and beauty. Pair them with your favourite saree, or Anarkali to enhance your garb. 

       2. The Lena Statement Antique Earrings 

The Lena Statement Antique Earrings

Statement earrings are always a welcome treat, any season. Antique earrings, especially, are the most underrated yet revered jewelry item available. Style your statement earrings like the statements they are, let them stand out as the most exquisite part of your ensemble. 

Antique Choker Sets: Regal Grace Reimagined  

Adorn your neck with an antique choker set, and you'll feel the whispers of an era long past brushing against your skin. Antique chokers aren't just neckpieces; they're timeless echoes of royalty. Wearing one transports you to a world where elegance was paramount, where each accessory was meticulously crafted to exude grandeur. 

Here are some of our favourite antique chokers:  

       1. Anuradha Antique Choker Set 

Anuradha Antique Choker Set

This beautiful choker set comes studded with red or green coloured  CZ stones, and with peacock and floral Nakshi designs. Pair this beauty with a number of outfits, from lehengas to anarkalis and more! 

        2. Akshi Antique Choker Set 

Akshi Antique Choker Set

Draped in an antique choker, you embody the essence of a bygone era. The intricacies of design, the play of gemstones, and the fusion of styles—each element adds a layer of uniqueness. Antique chokers celebrate the opulence of history, inviting you to step into the shoes of queens and empresses who once wore these very adornments.

Antique Pendant Sets: Portraits of Sentiment  

Picture yourself wearing an antique pendant set, each pendant a miniature canvas showcasing artistry that transcends time. These sets aren't just jewellery; they're carriers of emotions, memories, and tales. An antique pendant set isn't just a piece; it's a connection to the heart. 

Choose these pendant sets to enhance your outfit: 

       1. Iris Antique Pendant Set 

Iris Antique Pendant Set

The Iris Antique pendant set is a Nakshi set that comes with the motif of Ram, Sita and Lakshman. Wear this divine pendant set to your next holy occasion, pair it with your favourite silk or cotton saree for the best results! 

       2. Krishna Antique Temple Pendant Set

Krishna Antique Temple Pendant Set

This simple but elegant pendant set embodies understated elegance. Bring in the festival vibes while wearing this for your next Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, or Lakshmi Puja with this beautiful set. 

An antique pendant set speaks of love, legacy, and heritage. The interplay of chains, the elegance of pendants, and the richness of design—they come together to form a symphony of sentiment. Antique pendant sets become your companions, resonating with the emotions you hold dear.

Antique Necklace Sets: Graceful Adornments for Every Occasion 

An antique necklace set is more than just an accessory—it's an embodiment of artistry and heritage. These sets are designed to captivate, with each piece contributing to a harmonious ensemble that elevates your look. Whether it's an antique long necklace that adds a touch of regality to your attire or a delicately designed necklace that whispers of elegance, antique necklace sets are an ode to the past while remaining relevant in the present. 

Some styling options for antique necklace sets can be as follows: 

      1. Saroja Antique Necklace Set 

Saroja Antique Necklace Set 

Style this necklace set with just the earrings, or just the necklace, and all together with a silk outfit. Be it a lehenga-blouse, half-saree, or nine-yard navvari, this necklace set will suit anything. 

       2. Mahika Antique Necklace Set 

Mahika Antique Necklace Set

The same can be said of the Mahika Set. Choose to pair this set with any number of outfits and styles, without worry. 

The charm of antique necklace sets lies in their ability to seamlessly blend with modern fashion, creating a fusion that's uniquely enchanting. The intricate patterns, the meticulous detailing, and the aura of antiquity make these sets a choice that transcends fleeting trends. As you wear an antique necklace set, you're not just adorning yourself—you're carrying a piece of history with you. 

Antique Bangles: A Touch of Tradition with Contemporary Twist 

Picture your wrists adorned with antique bangles, each piece a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India. Antique bangles effortlessly blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics, offering a touch of nostalgia with a modern twist. The ornate designs and intricate workmanship make these bangles a reflection of the craftsmanship that defines eras past. 

      1. Mayil Antique Bangles


Mayil Antique Bangles

These beautiful peacock motif bangles come with a Nakshi style and red or green kempu stones. They come with a clasping mechanism and can be used as toppers for a bangle set on both hands. 

       2. Aaron Antique Bangles 

Aaron Antique Bangles 

The beauty of antique bangles lies in their ability to complement a spectrum of styles, from traditional attire to modern ensembles. 

Why Antique Jewellery Holds Timeless Appeal 

Within the enchanting world of antique jewellery lies a profound sense of timelessness. These pieces aren't just ornaments; they're portals to the past, carrying stories, emotions, and experiences that resonate across generations. The allure of antique jewellery lies in its ability to evoke nostalgia, connect with history, and create a sense of belonging.   

As you wear antique jewellery, you're not merely adorning yourself; you're stepping into the shoes of those who came before you, embracing the traditions and tales they held dear. The emotional connection that antique jewellery fosters make it an invaluable addition to any collection. It's a bridge that unites the past, present, and future, allowing you to celebrate your individuality while honouring the legacy of those who paved the way. 

In Conclusion: Embracing the Legacy of Antique Jewellery 

The journey through the captivating world of antique jewellery unveils a treasure trove of elegance and history. From the delicate allure of antique earrings to the regal splendour of antique necklace sets and the cultural resonance of antique bangles, each piece carries a unique narrative that transcends time. Antique jewellery isn't just about wearing ornaments; it's about embracing a legacy, celebrating heritage, and adding a touch of timeless charm to your personal style.  

So, whether you're an ardent collector or a curious enthusiast, antique jewellery beckons you to explore its enduring allure. As you delve into the realms of history and artistry, remember that each piece you wear carries the whispers of eras gone by, and you become a part of a story that's as old as time itself. Adorn yourself with the beauty of the past and let the charm of antique jewellery illuminate your present. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan