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From Braids to Buns: Maang Tikka Styles for All Hair Types

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We are back with new and the latest jewellery inspiration. Maang tikkas are the trending hair accessories spotted on your favourite Bollywood stars. Do you see often those glamorous ethnic looks of Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Ananya Pandey? They amp up their pastel lehenga or a saree with an oversized maang tikkas. Wondering if you can achieve that flawless maang tikka look? Well, of course you can. At Tarinika, we always ensure to give you what you want – whether it is trendy jewellery pieces or any style tips!

Your hairdo plays a crucial role in styling the maang tikka effectively. A traditional bun adorned with fresh flowers provides a classic backdrop for the maang tikka jewellery. A side-swept hairstyle with loose curls or a sleek braid hairdo with maang tikka adds a classic touch to the overall look. If you are contemplating how to wear a maang tikka with open hair? or tips on how to wear a maang tikka with side-parted hair? We have got you covered. You will find below some stunning Maang Tikka Styles from Tarinika for all hair types. Whether you have long and flowy locks or a chic pixie cut, a maang tikka style is waiting to adorn your hair and elevate your outfit to new heights of beauty and grace.

Maang Tikka for A Voluminous Hairdo

Your voluminous puffed hairdo will serve as an excellent canvas for showcasing the intricate beauty of a traditional maang tikka. Create a puffed hairstyle through backcombing or using hair padding to add volume at the crown. Carefully position our Aadhira Antique Maang Tika along the hairline, just above the puff. This maang tikka's shape will complement your hairstyle's volume and texture. Ensure that the tikka is securely fastened using hairpins or clips to prevent it from slipping.

An image of a woman wearing a maang tikka.

A Curly Bun & Antique Maang Tikka

Curly hair tends to have more volume. Tame your curly hair in a bun for a clean and polished look. Consider the size and weight of the maang tikka. Choose a tikka that is lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. This ensures the tikka stays securely in place without weighing down your curls. Our Narayani Antique Maang Tika has a sleek design, and its antique gold-toned finish will add warmth and radiance to your look.

An image of a woman showcasing a maang tikka.

Add Flair to Your Ponytail with DaminiMaang Tikka

Our Peacock Pearl Nakshatra CZ Damini maang tikka will look perfect when styled with a messy ponytail. Create a loose and textured ponytail by gathering your hair at your head's crown and securing it with a hair tie. Leave some strands loose to frame your face and add softness to the overall look. Carefully position the maang tikka along your hairline and just above your eyebrows. The glimmering floral and peacock motifs will add grace to your face and sparkle to your hairstyle.

A picture of a woman wearing a damini maang tikka with a pink saree and ponytail

Gajra Bun &Maang Tikka – A Perfect Tale

You can never go wrong with gajra adorned sleek bun to achieve a classic and traditional look. Our Kempu Floral Antique Maang Tika will add to your hairdo and leave a lasting impression on everyone around you. The Kempu stones and pearl detailing in the maang tikka will complement the delicate white flowers of the gajra to create a harmonious and stunning look. Combining this subtle hairdo with maang tikka creates a breathtakingly beautiful look perfect for weddings, festivals or any special occasion.

An image of a woman showcasing a maang tikka with a green saree and a gajra in her bun

Curly Hair Glamour:MaangTikka Essential

Embrace the natural texture of your curls and allow them to fall freely around your shoulders for a glamorous and voluminous effect. Style your voluminous and loose curly hair with our Mircea Gold Plated Maang Tika. This oversized Kundan maang tikka offers a charismatic and regal look that perfectly balances the natural beauty of your curls with the grandeur of traditional jewellery.

An image of a woman showcasing a maang tikka while styling it with curly hair

Accentuatethe Beauty of Braid with A Damini Matha Patti

Style our Sristi Antique Nakshi Damini mathapatti with a sleek braid to evoke a sense of nostalgic charm. This hairdo with maang tikka reminds us of the elegant and timeless fashion of the 90s. Create a simple three-strand braid or add tiny braids on the crown area to ace that retro look. Carefully position the antique matha patti along your hairline to ensure it sits securely amidst your sleek braid. The classic accessory can be an ideal wedding maang tikka for your special day.

An image of a bride in a bridal attire with an antique damini maang tikka

Slay with A Maang Tikka & Open Hair Look

A maang tikka with an open hairstyle has become a prominent trend in contemporary fashion. We see many brides like Alia Bhatt who opt to showcase their flowing locks while styling a maang tikka on their wedding day. Our Kerani Kundan Maang Tikka with a pearl chain is the perfect choice for styling with open hair. The pearl chain adds softness and femininity to the overall look while providing a secure and comfortable fit for the maang tikka.

An image of a woman with open hair, holding a maang tikka with her hand

Kerani Kundan Maang Tika 

Maang Tikka & A Simple Side-Swept Hairdo

Style our Chakrika Antique Maang Tika with a side-parted hair bun to create a timeless and sophisticated look. Begin by parting your hair on one side to create a sleek and polished appearance. Gather your hair into a bun and ensure it sits at the nape of your neck or slightly higher for a classic and regal effect. The trick here is to position the tikka along your central hairline carefully. Take your time to adjust the tikka as needed. Make sure that it is straight and symmetrical for a decent look.

A picture of a woman wearing a maang tikka with a side swept bun

Chakrika Antique Maang Tika

A Minimalist Maang Tikka for A Short Hair

Our minimalistic Hania Antique Maang Tika is the perfect accessory for short and blunt hair. The sleek maang tikka has a single-strand chain, which gives it a clean look. Moreover, if you wonder how to wear a maang tikka for thin hair, this subtle accessory is your answer. Its lightweight design sits delicately on the forehead without weighing down the hair or causing discomfort.

A picture of a woman with short hair, wearing a maang tikka

Hania Antique Maang Tika

We absolutely lovedshowcasing a variety ofmaang tikka stylesto suit different hairstyles.Stay tuned for our nextblog to discuss more jewellerystyles and designs. Until then, continue to shine bright with your favourite accessories fromTarinika.

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