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How to Style Temple Jewellery for Different Occasions

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Temple jewellery is said to have originated in the Chola and Pandya dynasties of South India. The designs often feature intricate motifs, divine figures, and elements of nature. In ancient times, temple jewellery was crafted from precious metals like gold and silver which were donated to temples in South India. The antique temple jewellery served the exclusive purpose of adorning deities and royalty. 

In recent times, temple jewellery has incorporated modern elements and materials. Gold or silver-plated designs and artificial temple jewellery are now popular, making them accessible to a broader audience. Temple Jewellery has certainly adapted to evolving fashion trends while preserving its timeless elegance. The versatile jewellery is adored by the women of the modern era who love to style temple jewellery for different occasions.  

In this blog, you'll discover insightful temple jewellery styling tips for various occasions as you delve into the handcrafted designs by the talented artisans at Tarinika. 

1.Traditional Grandeur: Temple Jewellery for Festivals 

Festivals provide a perfect canvas to showcase the charm of your temple jewellery. If you’re wearing the Kasavu saree for the Onam festivity, compliment your attire by pairing it with the Aaida Antique Necklace Set. For the festival of lights, Diwali, you can style the Iris Antique Pendant Set with a luxurious silk saree or an Anarkali suit in jewel-toned colours like green, royal blue, or rich burgundy. The antique finish of the pendant set will complement your festive outfit. Moreover, the Ram Parivar engraved on the pendant set will add a spiritual dimension to your Diwali celebrations.


2. Elegant Occasions: Temple Jewellery for Formal Events

You can tastefully incorporate temple jewellery for occasions like your formal work events. It allows you to express your cultural identity while maintaining a polished and professional appearance. Styling temple jewellery set for office wear and formal events requires balancing traditional elegance and professional subtlety. The contemporary Cara Antique Necklace Set will complement the corporate setting effortlessly. Pair this necklace with neutral tones like navy, charcoal, or burnt orange to create an elegant look. Choose a sleek updo or a neat ponytail to ensure the focus remains on the intricate details like the Laxmi coins of the necklace.


3. Ceremonial Glamour: Temple Jewellery for Wedding 

If you are preparing to attend a South- Indian wedding, we suggest you embrace traditional temple jewellery set to honour the festivity and cultural significance of the wedding celebration. You can style the stunning Vallari Antique Necklace Set with a luxurious black silk saree or an intricately embroidered lehenga for a striking look. Wear your hair down with loose curls, dawn a bindi, and complete your traditional look by adding the Ketaki Antique Temple Bangles. 


4. Cultural Fusion: Blending Temple Jewellery with Fusion Wear

When styling temple jewellery for various occasions, we encourage you to abandon strict guidelines or conventions. You can merge antique temple jewellery with Western wear to showcase your distinctive style. The gorgeous Manar Antique Necklace will look beautiful with a sleek jumpsuit or an off-shoulder black dress for a contemporary fusion look. This innovative blending of styles allows you to create your fashion statement.


5. Destination Glam: Temple Jewellery for Special Travel Events

Whether you're celebrating amidst the historic charm of a foreign location or exchanging vows against the backdrop of a tropical beach, a temple jewellery set adds an exquisite touch of tradition to the festivities. Since a celebration like beach weddings exudes a relaxed and carefree vibe, we suggest you opt for the minimalistic Heya Antique Choker Set for one of your ceremonies. Style your hair in loose waves or a tousled updo for a laid-back yet elegant beachy charm. Embrace the coastal theme with barefoot sandals or delicate anklets to complete the look. 


6. Wedding Bliss: Temple Jewellery for Bridal Looks

Temple jewellery has stood the test of time to serve as a modern-day mainstay in the bridal trousseau. Beyond being aesthetic, wearing bridal temple jewellery on your big day symbolizes the love and blessings of divine entities. The skillfully crafted Aashni Antique Temple Bridal Set ensures you radiate grace and beauty on your wedding day. You can pair this intricately designed bridal temple jewellery set with a classic silk or Kanjeevaram saree to enhance your overall look. Choosing antique temple jewellery on your wedding day is an honour to the tradition and a celebration of your cultural heritage. 



Embrace the opportunity to showcase the beauty of tradition by styling temple jewellery for different occasions. Antique temple jewellery is an investment for a lifetime. At Tarinika, we understand your valuable purchase will be worn on different occasions. Therefore, we assure quality craftsmanship with a minimum one-year warranty on all temple jewellery pieces. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan