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How your Mangalsutra Choices Reflect Your Personality

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In today's world, where jewelry is considered as an elaborate fashion statement, a mangalsutra is a mark of the marital bond between the husband and wife. In India, a Mangalsutra is traditionally made in gold and it has black beads set in a gold chain. 

The term Mangalsutra is made up of the words Mangal and Sutra which literally translates to 'auspicious bond'. It is tied around the neck of the wife by the husband as a sign of eternal love, companionship, and commitment.  

Since the (golden) days, a mangalsutra is said to be worn for more than just beautification. In Ayurveda, a mangalsutra is said to help stabilize the mind and body of the woman. It also helps her heart health. 

With the changing times, the preferences of women have also changed drastically when it comes to the humble  Mangalsutra design. It still remains an integral part of the wedding festivities but each bride picks a design based on her personality and choice. The design you choose speaks volumes about your personality. 

The Spontaneous 

You love living in the moment and you are easy-going. You do love splendid affairs but are also not easily disappointed when something does not happen your way. You, in fact, take the surprises in your stride and make good with the changes.  The Kalya Nakshatra Set is everything you embody. Fun, unique, and vibrant. You are what everyone calls, the "life of the party”. 

The Perfectionist 

You love all things perfectly and thrive when there’s order. When it comes to picking out the  Indian jewelry set that suits you best, you have the most resplendent design idea that needs flawless execution. A  black bead set like the  Manuja Nakshatra Set is the one for you because of its symmetrical setting and vine motifs.  

The Whimsical Nature-lover 

Nature enthralls you like no other. Being out in the open, surrounded by the birds and the trees gives you a sense of joy that nothing else can. When it comes to choosing a piece of jewel for yourself, you tend to pick something that has the same motifs as the nature around you. The  Pihu Antique Set from the House of Tarinika is exactly what you are looking for. It is complete with the floral motifs and leaves with a royal peacock adorning it. 

Elegant and Demure 

Elegance defines you. You have a taste for the dainty and the delicate but you also like to be in touch with your feminine. You have a way to stand in the crowd without making a noise and that is the most striking feature about you. The jewels you love are elegant, minimal but they also make a statement. You do not like the conventional just like the  Elyn Antique Set. The gold black beads set is your definition of perfect. 

The Dreamer 

You love the rain; you love the cozy winter. You love everything that is dreamy and picturesque. The  Layina Delicate Set is a match made in heaven for you. In jewelry, you are always on the lookout for dreamy settings and designs, and the Layina Set is all that. 

Lover of all things timeless 

You are traditional at heart. Classic and timeless is your style and you basically roll with that. Although you are with the times, when it comes to your design aesthetics, old is gold. Choosing The  Irya Antique Set for your black beads collection would be the first choice. For you, it is not about being showy, but about what the jewel represents. 

We have a lot more options for you to make a choice but let your personality do the talking. We are sure you will find something you absolutely love in our collection. 

Stay updated about more of our collections as we are constantly bringing to you new designs. 

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  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan