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Indian Earrings: A Guide to Styles and Inspirations 

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Indian earrings have always been in the limelight and have consistently been the showstopper. It's like they have had a permanent spot on the red carpet of fashion. The love affair of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities with Indian earrings is no surprise. Stars like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Octavia Spencer or Deepika Padukone have been spotted wearing Indian earring designs on and off the red carpet.

In this blog, we will explore the world of traditional and modern Indian earrings, which have captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. We will shed some light on the latest and innovative Indian earrings designs, which are sure to leave you spellbound.

Traditional Indian Earrings Styles


Did you know the bell or dome shape of the jhumka earrings was inspired by the domes of Indian palaces and temples? The term jhumka is derived from the Hindi word "jhumki" meaning ‘ornament with a bell.’  Jhumka earrings have been a symbol of femininity and elegance for centuries. These Indian traditional long earrings have evolved to reflect the diverse cultures and artistic influences of the regions where they are worn. The different variations of jhumka earrings tell us a unique story of craftsmanship and creativity.

An image of a woman wearing a pair of antique jhumka earrings


The chandbali earrings are like a poetic ode to the moon's beauty. The name itself means moon-shaped earrings which speaks volumes about their inspiration. The statement earrings are characterized by a crescent shaped base decked with intricate filigree work, beads detailing or elaborate meenakari designs. They often feature dangling pearls or gemstones. The variations in their size, shape and embellishments allow for endless creativity and customization.

An image of a woman wearing chandbali earrings with CZ and green gemstones.

Kundan Earrings

Kundan earrings are cultural treasures steeped in history and tradition. Kundan jewellery is credited as one of the oldest forms of jewellery in India and has a rich legacy of over 2,500 years. The traditional Indian earrings are crafted using a technique called kundankari where gemstones are set in molten gold or silver to create elaborate patterns and motifs. This regal accessory was worn by royalty and aristocrats as a symbol of wealth and status. Today we have no trouble spotting the signature Kundan earrings in the jewellery wardrobe of celebrities and fashion lovers.

An image of a woman wearing a kundan earrings, crafted with polki and jadau stones.

Meenakari Earrings

Meenakari earrings are distinguished by their elaborate designs and the intricate art of enamelling. ‘Meenakari’ is derived from the Persian word ‘Meena', which signifies enamel. The art was introduced in India by Mughal artisans. The vibrant colours are precisely painted onto a metal surface and then fired to create a beautiful & durable finish. The meenakari Indian earring designs can add colour to a monotonous look.

A picture of a woman wearing meenakari earrings

Contemporary Indian Earrings Trends

Bold Statement Earrings

ContemporaryIndian earring designs are setting the fashion world on fire with theirmodern and trendystyles. We see an amalgamation of traditional concepts and modernvision tocreate pieces like statement chandeliers or drop earrings.TheseIndian traditional long earringsare versatile and offer endless styling possibilities. The Indianstatement earrings arebold beautiesthatsteal the spotlight with their dramatic look and largerthanlife designs.

An image of a woman wearing a red saree with a pair of statement earrings

Stylish Hoop Earrings

Contemporary fashion trends have seen a reinvention of traditional hoop earrings with designers experimenting with materials, shapes and sizes to create fresh and modern interpretations. Hoop earrings have experienced a resurgence in popularity. The oversized hoops in various geometric patterns or delicate hoop designs have become a staple accessory for fashion enthusiasts who seek to make a statement with their jewellery.

An image of a woman wearing hoop earrings with CZ stones

Minimalistic Stud Earrings

Indian stud earrings remind us of the fact that the smallest details can make the biggest statement. Their beauty lies in the precise detailing of delicate filigree work or the intricate patterns inspired by centuries of tradition. The minimalistic beauty of stud earrings has been even more relevant in the quiet luxury era. Slip on a pair of contemporary studs to flaunt a subtle yet impactful look.

An image of a woman wearing a stud earrings with gemstones

Inspirations From Indian Culture And Heritage

Earring Designs From The Mughal Era

It is no secret that the Mughals were lovers of artistry and fine jewellery. Both royal men and women wore elaborate jewels that depicted the Mughals' love for beauty and craftsmanship. The mughal earrings were characterized by enamelling, gemstone encrustation, and the use of precious stones that were often carved with royal insignia. Techniques like jadau, Kundan setting, or meenakari demanded laser-focused precision paired with boldness in execution. The techniques and Indian earring designs of the Mughal era are carried through to the present day.

Temple Jewellery Earrings

Temple-style earrings are a celebration of traditional craftsmanship at its finest. Artisans carve devotional motifs and infuse them with a sense of reverence and respect for the divine. South Indian earrings were initially meant to be reserved for adorning deities and royals. Today, these traditional pieces have become an essential heirloom in every South Indian bridal jewellery collection.

Victorian Style Inspired Earrings

The contemporary Victorian style earrings give us a glimpse into a bygone era of romance and elegance that continues to inspire us today. The Indian earrings influenced by the Victorian era feature a fusion of traditional Indian motifs with Victorian aesthetics. The artisans incorporate intricate filigree work and delicate gemstone settings to create unparalleled beauty and elegance.

An image of a Victorian styled earrings

Tips For Choosing The Right Indian Earrings

Now that we have explored thetraditional andcontemporaryIndian earringstyles let usmove toward selecting the perfect pair for you.

Consider Your Face Shape and Hair Length

Different earring styles can accentuate or soften your facial features. It is essential to choose earrings that complement your face shape. For example, go for drop earrings to elongate your round face. Consider your hair length and remember that shorter hairstyles may benefit from longer earrings while longer hairstyles may pair well with minimalistic small earrings.

Matching Earrings with Outfits and Occasions

Match your earrings with your outfits and the occasion to achieve a cohesive and polished look. Wear elaborate and embellished Indian heavy earrings for occasions like weddings. Choose subtle and minimalistic earring designs for a casual look. Pay attention to the neckline of your outfit as well. Scoop necklines pair well with chandelier or statement earrings while sleek stud earrings suit high necklines.

Balancing Statement Earrings with Other Accessories

Strike the right balance with other accessories to avoid overwhelming your look. Opt for minimalistic necklaces or bracelets if you wear statement-heavy Indian earrings. Style your subtle studs with additional accessories like a bold choker necklace for a dynamic look. It's all about creating a harmonious and balanced ensemble that highlights your earrings without competing for attention.

Incorporating Personal Style and Preferences

Always incorporate your personal style and preferences when choosing Indian earrings. Trust your instincts and choose earrings that reflects your style. The best earrings are the ones that make you feel confident and beautiful.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan