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Indian jewelry comes in numerous styles varying from north to south and from east to west. They are a reflection of India’s diverse culture, traditions, and tastes.

So what kind of jewelry would you find at Tarinika?

Our focus has always been on craftsmanship, quality, and finesse. With that in mind, our exceptionally talented team of artists, designers, and jewelry craftsmen ensure that we manufacture our own jewelry.

When we craft your jewelry, we take utmost care to make nothing short of best. Our customers trust us to give them top-notch quality at unbelievable prices. So, may it be the design conceptualization or the selection of stones, we make jewelry that we would like to own ourselves.

A piece of jewelry can become magnificent because of the stones or the intricate design in the metalwork. Our favorite stone is the cubic zirconia. Though it's a faux diamond, it is no less in its sparkle and the beauty that it can bring to a piece of jewelry.

So what are the collections we are using these in?

Nakshatra CZ Collection
We only use the highest grade of AAA rated cubic zirconia in our jewelry. The AAA CZ brings the maximum sparkle even in the dimmest of lights. The Nakshatra CZ collection consists of designs where the CZ stones take the center stage. They are the soul of our designs. Check them out here.

Antique Collection
The jewelry craftsmen of India have always been artists at heart. They showed this in the intricate designs of the jewelry worn by kings and queens. At Tarinika, We want to continue this tradition through our antique collection. The beauty in the antique collection is the intricate design with the faux gemstones and faux diamonds complementing them.

Traditional Indian designs have had many names in recent times. They have been called 1 gram gold jewelry, polki amongst many other names. Our collection with the traditional Indian designs is the Antique collection. What makes our Antique designs different from the traditional polki or 1 gram jewelry?

The differences are in the details and it shows when you look at every piece. The faux gemstones that go into the designs are unique. We have scouted many different places to find the gemstones with the color to complement our designs. The AAA rated faux diamonds are of the highest quality to give the subtle sparkle to the design.

With high-quality plating, the jewelry has a significantly bigger lifespan. Browse through our Antique collection here.

Mala Collection
Finally, the Mala collection. Our Mala collection consists of our beaded jewelry. The beaded jewelry has its own unique style. The beads and the center pendant have been carefully selected to complement each other. Check out the Mala Collection here.

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