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Shine Bright this Christmas with Tarinika Jewellery Collections

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Christmas is about social events and celebrations that bring people together to enjoy the festive spirit. Whether it’s a visit to the holiday market with friends, family gatherings on Christmas Eve or an office Christmas party, these social gatherings contribute to the merry vibe of Christmas. 

With all the upcoming social events, you're probably thinking about what to wear and how to accessorize yourjewellery to make a lasting impression. Well, fret not; we have curated a list of Christmas jewellery ideas showcasing Tarinika’s exclusive jewellery collection for the Christmas season. 

1. Exquisite Earrings: Capture the Holiday Spirit 

Are you wondering what jewellery to wear at the office Christmas party? We suggest you explore our wide variety of earrings collection. If you love minimal glam, go for the Elaine Nakshatra CZ Stud Earrings. These earrings are designed with a twine of green stones, which adds a holiday touch to this Christmas accessory. On the other hand, Helia Nakshatra CZ Drop Earrings are greatChristmas jewellery for those who dare to keep it bold. These earrings will look stunning when paired with a solid formal evening dress. 

2. Bold Elegance: Statement Necklaces to Steal the Spotlight

Are you the life and the charm of every party? You will undoubtedly step into the spotlight with grace and charm while wearing the Hala Nakshatra CZ Necklace Set. This Christmas jewellery is one of the most peculiar and appealing designs by Tarinika. The Neena Nakshatra CZ Necklace Set is a Christmas jewellery piece to shine bright in intimate or small social gatherings. This necklace set features a classic design and illustrates subtle royalty. Tarinika’s necklace collection catalogue offers numerous Christmas jewellery ideas to choose from for this holiday season. 


3. Pendant Perfection: Mesmerizing Pendant Sets for Effortless Style 

The Christmas season is incomplete without a visit to the holiday market with friends. We want you to look your best while scrolling through the Christmas market, relishing holiday treats and seasonal goods. Our Christmas jewellery idea is to pair the Zoe Nakshatra CZ Pendant Set with your favourite casual outfit. This pendant set reminds us of twirling snowflakes on a cold Christmas morning. You may also adore the redefined elegance of the Allison Nakshatra CZ Pendant Set or Luna Nakshatra CZ Pendant Set. Feel free to explore other exquisite pendant designs in Tarinika’s jewellery collection


4. Bracelets and Bangles:  Adorn your Wrists with Holiday Charm 

Have you ever noticed the common thread in Christmas family get-togethers? It's often involves singing Christmas carols in your coordinated sweaters or simply listening to them while sipping a cup of hot chocolate. While you're all coordinated in your sweaters, we propose adding extra touch of elegance. Let the women in the family complete their looks with matching bangles or bracelets. The rhythmic clinking of the bangles or the bracelet will harmonize with the melody of the jingle bells chime. Our top picks in bangles from Indian jewellery areTrishu Antique Bangles and Aretha Gold Plated Tribal Bracelet. 


5. Anklets that Add a Touch of Sparkle 

While discussing social gatherings, New Year’s Eve is considered a part of the holiday season where people attend parties to ring in the new year. We suggest you step into the holiday season and the New Year in traditional Indian jewellery like the Gahan Kundan Anklets to add a touch of glam and sparkle to the festive season. We also admire the Aangi Kundan Anklets and Leafy Pearl CZ Anklets from Tarinika's exquisite jewellery collection. 



Embrace the season's spirit with carefully chosen Christmas jewellery ideas, letting your style to shine brightly with Tarinika’s jewellery collection. Choose from a wide variety of Tarinika's Christmas jewellery catalogue and experience the holiday magic.  

Tarinika wishes you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year filled with warmth, peace, and joy. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan