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Special jewelry collection for Navratri festival

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Navratri - the nine nights festival of worshipping Goddess Durga and Shakti is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in India. It is a grand celebration for Indians across the world and is celebrated across various countries. Navratri is celebrated with much grandeur among the women especially by wearing the best clothes and glamorous jewelry. Loud music combined with groovy steps by beautiful women and dapper night constitutes Garbha or the dandiya-raas - a traditional dance form performed for Navratri.  

It is a time of the year for people to go shopping and to rev up their style quotient. With all the pomp and splendor of colors of the festival, everyone looks forward to Navratri. Women get ecstatic to perform the Garbha and to look pretty and colorful. No one wishes to turn up for the Garbha in boring attire and jewelry. With all the eyes on the women dancing the Garbha it is important to turn up in your best jewelry. Here is your style guide for the best Navratri jewelry for a celebration of your lifetime.  



Add extra sparkle to the festival by opting for a necklace that covers the entirety of your neck. The occasion calls to bring out all the necklaces from your cupboard to shine throughout the night. With different varieties of necklaces available mix and match your necklaces or layer them up to mark the occasion. 

  • Don an antique choker necklace to add a touch of royalty to your outfit. Pair it with any outfit of your choice as the fine details and embellishments will complement your overall appearance.  
  • Leave no stone unturned to find the right Kundan haram to match your outfit. These long necklaces will go perfectly with a choker giving you an effortless layered look. 
  • Look timeless in a simple yet elegant pearl necklace that can never go wrong. A pearl necklace will surely add a classic twist to your festival outfit. 



Bangles always complete a look and add a festive vibe to any outfit. Bangles are aesthetically peppy and an exceptional addition to a traditional Indian jewelry box. A contemporary design with a mix of modern and traditional is ideal for an indo-western outfit. 

  • Vintage bangles are always in vogue and embrace your wrist elegantly. Known for its time-worn look, vintage bangles are in popular demand.  
  • Wear a set of multicolored bangles to add to the colour and vibe of the festival. Arrange them in any order to go hand in hand with your outfit.  
  • Opt for a simple look by wearing a bracelet bangle and add the right amount of contemporary elements to your outfit. A bracelet bangle comes with a clasp that sits on your hand securely making it easier for you to groove to Garbha. 



Anklets always add a surprise element to anyone’s vision as they are subtle and not quite easily noticeable. However, their peppy and fun vibe make it a piece of elegant jewelry to adorn.  

  • A traditional pair of anklets with different kinds of patterns and motifs is ideal for a festival like Navratri. They ot only beautify your feet but also add music to your steps while dancing.  
  • Gone are the days where women opt for a pair of anklets. Women nowadays opt for a one-leg anklet that adds an extra oomph factor to their persona. One-leg anklets come in a variety of shapes and colors which can enhance your look.  
  • Add a little extra drama to your glam by pairing your anklet with a toe ring. This jewelry makes for a style statement. Adorn this to stand out from the crowd.  



No woman has enough earrings to match all her outfit and no outfit is complete without a pair of earrings. For a grand festival like Navratri, it becomes mandatory to wear the most stylish pair of earrings you own.  

  • One can never go wrong with a Jhumka. You can opt for a big pair of Jhumki's to add the right amount of desi to your glam. Keep your neck bare or opt for a subtler necklace to rock this look.  
  • If you are someone who believes in the less is more motto, choose a pair of studs. A simple pair of studs are not only charming but are extremely easy for mobility for occasions such as Navratri.  
  • Pair Kundan earrings with a Kundan choker necklace for one of the nights of the celebration. They add a celebratory vibe to your outlook and will make you stand out from the crowd.  



Rings are a significant part of an Indian jewelry trousseau. They beautify your fingers and add a charming appeal to your hands. Not everyone prefers rings but they are a beautiful substitute for bangles. 

  • Simple rings such as bands are stunning and elegant. One can wear a combination of such rings on the same hand to get a Boho look. These are minimalistic and emphasize your fingers instantly. 
  • Layer similar-looking rings with small stones on the same finger to get a clustered effect. Stackable rings look interesting on a finger and also add a little glitter to the hand.  
  • Wear a large ring as a statement piece to attract all the necessary attention. Avoid wearing bangles on the hand for the ring to highlight the color scheme of your outfit. 
  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan