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Tarinika's 5 Stunning Chokers for the Modern Indian Women

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We often see Bollywood celebrities styling a traditional choker necklace at weddings and red-carpet events. Take a cue from the likes of Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan who have been spotted wearing choker necklaces with effortless grace. We adore the elegance of a good choker design as much as the celebrities love wearing it. We have curated a list of five stunning choker sets you can bookmark for your next styling adventure. Each of these choker necklaces will channel your inner Bollywood diva and add a dash of star power to your jewellery wardrobe.

Classic Chokers

The beauty of classic chokers is like fine wine. It becomes more exquisite with age. Our Kumud Antique Choker Set is the epitome of subtle classic beauty. The choker set features a geometric filigree pattern in an antique gold tone. The dangling metal bells add whimsy and movement to the choker design. This gorgeous yet simple antique choker is the perfect accessory to style for day events. Pair it with a summer floral saree or a classic Anarkali suit for a sophisticated look.

An image of a woman wearing an Indian choker necklace

Beaded Chokers

Beaded chokers are often on the favourite list of modern Indian women as they offer a charming blend of elegance and versatility. The choker usually features colourful beads in various shapes and sizes strung together to create stunning patterns and designs. The modern choker necklace for a saree can also be paired with a formal pantsuit for a girl boss look that commands attention.

Pearl Chokers

Pearl choker necklaces have remained a beloved choice of style icons and royalty throughout history. Our Floral Tassel Beads Choker Set reminds us of the iconic style of Princess Diana who was often seen wearing pearl choker necklaces with regal grace. The choker features a stunning floral CZ pendant attached to a string of lustrous pearls. This delicate yet striking choker set captures the essence of classic elegance and offers a modern twist on a traditional favourite. Style this beauty for a gala night event or a cocktail party to make a lasting impression.

An image of a woman wearing a pearl choker necklace with a blue dress

Bridal Chokers

A bridal choker necklace can elevate the beauty of your wedding ensemble to new heights. The Aashni Antique Temple Choker Set is ideal to be styled for your wedding celebrations. This exquisite set features elegant floral motifs and intricate carvings of goddess Lakshmi that symbolize prosperity and blessings for the bride. This bridal choker necklace's ornate detailing and craftsmanship make it the perfect accessory to complement your wedding saree or lehenga.

An image of a bridal choker necklace in temple style

Kundan Chokers

Kundan jewelleryis a token of beauty from the royal courts of India.It is known for the beauty of uncutgemstones set in base metal foil.These Kundan choker sets are crafted with precision using high-quality stones andfeatures intricate floralKundan patterns that exude elegance and sophistication.Pair these Kundan choker setsfor festive celebrations and style it with an ethnic ensemble like a salwar suit or saree to complete the look.

We are thrilled to have shared our passion for choker necklaces with you. We hope you have found inspiration and joy in exploring our selection of choker necklaces. Whether you are a seasoned choker enthusiast or new to the trend, the perfect choker awaits you in our collection. Explore our choker designs today to find your ideal choker and make a statement wherever you go.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is the meaning of choker?

A choker is a type of necklace that fits snugly around the neck. It gained popularity in the 1990s and has become a fashion staple since then. There are traditional choker necklaces in Kundan or meenakari designs and modern beaded chokers that are lightweight choker necklaces.

How to wear a choker with a short neck?

Opt for thinner chokers and avoid wide or bulky styles if you have a short neck. Wide choker designs might visually shorten the neck further. Choose choker sets that sit higher on the neck to create the illusion of length. Pair your Choker with V neckline dresses that can elongate the neck.

Can you wear earrings with a choker?

Earrings can complement a choker beautifully. Consider the style and thickness of both the choker and earrings for a balanced look. Opt for a sleek and lightweight choker necklace if you plan to wear heavy statement earrings and vice versa.

Are choker necklaces still in style? 

Choker necklaces have remained in style since their resurgence in the 1990s. They continue to be a popular jewellery type. Various choker designs and styles are available to suit different tastes and occasions.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan