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The Best Jewelry Accessories You Can Use to Spruce Your Outfit

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Styling means to mix-match your clothes and accessories to create multiple and different looks. Ever wonder how some people look great irrespective of what they wear? We always think they are God-gifted with this alluring look that suits every outfit- but the key is sprucing up the outfit with the best jewelry accessories.   

We all keep guessing which brands to pick for achieving that picture-perfect look- but the secret is not the brand- it is the accessorizing art that complements your outfit, making you look. Choosing the best and right accessory is the basic skill that makes you stand out from the crowd.   

So here we are to save you from any superseded fashion ideas with some essential hacks that will change your appearance forever. Make sure your jewelry collection is updated and has a handful of styles to save the look game.   

Layers are Better


When you are clueless about what to style with a fusion outfit- then try out layering your jewelry. This is a creative yet experimental style to make your imprint on your attire. You can layer up any jewelry like- necklaces, rings, bracelets, or bangles.   

  • Layer up a similarly themed necklace with various lengths to look like royalty. This style is timeless and worth attracting the limelight, whether it is a wedding occasion or a festive meet.   
  • Layering bangle jewelry is a trendy idea. You can mix and match several pairs of bangles to create your fresh style. All you need to do is take a few bangles that are similar in theme and complementing the shade of your attire. Now jumble them up and stack them to create your signature look. 

Silver is the New Trend  

Indian Silver jewelry is nowadays in demand for being multipurpose. You can pair this jewelry with an Indo-western outfit as well as with a light ethnic too. This is the reason for this being the most loved trend as the Indian jewelry online can be paired with any outfit. You can wear a silver necklace with a layered skirt, top, denim, shirt, maxi dress, kurta, suit, saree- almost everything. It can create a vintage-inspired look or a boho-look well. This style is now often selected by celebs for a perfect OOTD.   

The Ilina Antique Silver Necklace Set - a best seller collection from Tarinika, is a beautiful choice for this style of Necklace. Be it a day party or a get-together; this necklace set will complement your personality equally. The aesthetic floral and leaf design makes this Necklace a timeless masterpiece. Over that, the semi-precious CZ stones make this Necklace stunning. Even you can layer this with a long silver necklace to add a regal or pair this with a silver bangle.   

Know how to choose the Best Earrings  

When it comes to jewelry, earrings are the must-haves. Even the girl you know who doesn't like to put on jewelry has a handful of collections of earrings. Do you know the earrings have a significant impact on making your face look more attractive? Yes, that's true. Thus, it's essential to choose the right earrings to complement your look. Things you need to consider is your face shape, skin tone, hair length, and outfit. Let's then chalk out the tips to choose the best earrings Indian 

  • For a short hair length, then choose small or medium-sized dangle earrings or stud earrings.   
  • For a longer hair length, go for a long earring, preferably with a metallic finish.   
  • For a round-shaped face, consider choosing a long earring, drop or dangle one to make your face look slenderer.   
  • For a rectangular-shaped face opts an earring with more width, like- cluster earrings, stud earrings, small or medium hoops, or small danglers.   
  • For a heart-shaped face, you should choose earrings that have a wider bottom.   
  • For square-shaped face, oval or round-shaped earrings are preferable. Hoops are the best suggested for this case.   
  • Finally, if you have an oval-shaped face, then celebrate. You can go for any earrings, and that will complement you.   

Know how to win with the Necklace   

Considering the neckline of the dress is especially important while selecting the Necklace. To be visible, the Necklace must be shorter than the neckline or sit properly above the skirt. This rule is probably what everyone is aware about. Here are few tips about how you can choose your Necklace considering the neckline of your dress.   

  • If you look for the right Necklace to pair with a high neck or turtleneck dress, go for a long neckpiece. A long pendant or long-chain style necklace would look great.   
  • For a short neckline or collar neckline- choose a short pendant. A sleek Indian choker necklace would also go great with them.   
  • Boat necks are currently in trend. Go for a beaded medium or long Necklace with a boat-necked top.   
  • A heavy choker or a collar necklace will compliment your strapless dress.   
  • Lastly, for a scoop neck or square neck top, go for a short pendant set or Necklace, which has some volume.

Remember this for your upcoming events and occasions. It will help you guide whenever you are confused to choose the accessories. Also, keep visiting for more updated trends.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan