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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Necklace Length for Your Outfit

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Jewellery is the most essential part of any woman’s look, be it a wedding, a cultural event or a festive occasion, choosing the right amount of drama is necessary - and that’s where necklaces come in. The right necklace length can enhance your outfit with the glamour and elegance you need. Here, we will explore three different types of necklace lengths: choker, princess, and matinee, and show you how to style them with hand-picked Tarinika Jewellery pieces.   

Chic and Classy: How to Style a Choker Necklace  

A choker set is a timeless and the most versatile piece in any woman’s jewellery collection. It can transform any outfit to give it a chic and edgy look. Choker sets sit tightly on the neckline and look perfect for off-shoulder outfits and V-necklines. And the Vakula Antique Choker Set is one such piece: a floral-inspired design with a beautiful set of white CZ stones and pearls that can elevate any outfit. For a modern look, pair it with a black shirt and jeans. Pair it with a plain saree or crop top and lehenga for a more traditional look. It can carry you from Diwali card parties to weddings.     

Make a Statement with Princess Length Necklaces  

A princess necklace length is perhaps the most common and popular choice among Indian women. It falls just below the collarbone, making it a hassle-free option. Not too short, neither too long. And there lies the beauty of this piece: it can go with almost every outfit, without overwhelming it. The Jalaja Collection from Tarinika Jewellery has beautiful pearls and enamel, and the Jalaja Multi Lotus Motif Layered Pearl Necklace is the perfect accessory. It features a princess four-strand necklace with lotus motifs. This one will look great with an Indo-western outfit, like a shrug, crop top, and lehenga. You could rock this one in the day with a white sharara suit or at night with a dark-colored lehenga.   

Tarinika’s antique jewellery collection is something every woman should have, and the Geeti Antique Necklace Set features the ideal balance between bold and traditional. Made with antique plating and CZ stones on a floral and leaf-inspired design, this one will look ravishing when paired with a red saree or an embroidered gown.   

Elegance in Simplicity: The Matinee Length Necklace   

The matinee necklace length is perfect for those who want to keep it simple yet elegant. It falls just above the bust, making it an excellent choice for high-necked blouses or dresses. You can pair it with plain or embroidered gowns, salwar suits, fusion sets, or lehengas. Matinee-length necklaces can be a miss if you are opting for deep-neck outfits. The Myra Antique Long Necklace Set is a four-strand antique jewelry necklace with a touch of jhumkis to add flair. This set will look perfect on plain sarees or solid gowns. 

If subtly is how you like your look, Azba Statement Pearl String Necklace is a good choice. A traditional floral-inspired pendant on a two-strand pearl necklace will give you the style statement you’re looking for in the most minimalistic way. This necklace will best be paired with high-neck, dark blouses or a three-piece fusion set.

The Ambre Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set is for women who want to let their jewelry do the talking. A floral-inspired design set amid red and white CZ stones gives you a royal feel. To make the most of this necklace, pair it with a banarasi saree for a festive look and a black gown for a modern look.  


Why Tarinika Jewellery is the Best Option for Necklaces   

Tarinika Jewellery has some of the most sought-after pieces for iconic jewellery designs. Antique jewellery by Tarinika is truly one-of-its-kind. What’s more is the affordability and accessibility - you can get stunning pieces at low rates with their worldwide shipping.   

Tarinika Jewellery also has a 14-day easy returns policy, making it ideal for women to test whether a piece will suit them. And if you want to increase or decrease the necklace length, their customization options are a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something simple, Tarinika has something for everyone. With their exquisite pieces of jewellery, you can elevate any Indian outfit.  

Tips for Choosing the Right Necklace Length  

Remember these tips whenever you want to select a necklace that will elevate your look:  

  • Outfit’s neckline: Shorter necklaces go with deep-necks or V-necklines, and longer are ideal for high-neck silhouettes.  
  • Occasion: Ideally, longer necklaces go better with formal events, while shorter ones go with intimate gatherings.   
  • Your style: At the end of the day, you should feel confident wearing your jewellery. So, choose a piece that speaks to you.   
  • Mix and match: Choose a necklace length that best suits you, and style it with traditional and modern wear.   



The options for necklaces are many, and the length of a necklace is equally essential. Whether it is a choker, princess or matinee necklace, each will elevate different types of outfit. Chokers are ideal for deep necklines, whereas princess necklaces are versatile to suit most outfits. Matinee necklaces are perfect for high-neck dresses or blouses. So, experiment with different necklace lengths with Tarinika Jewellery - where you can find the perfect piece.   


  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan