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The Ultimate Style Guide for Indian Jewelry in 2022 from Tarinika Outlet

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As the year 2021 comes to an end, it's time to start the new year with both sparkle and shine. While 2021 had its ups and downs, 2022 gives us more reasons to start it right. Take up the onus of loving yourself a little more in the New Year and shower some extra attention. With a style guide from the house of Tarinika, compiled just for you, here's how you can tick the right boxes when choosing jewelry for yourself.

Reveal the bold and beautiful you in the year 2022 'you' will matter a little more. Jewelry is no longer about the limited pieces available in the store down the lane. The market has grown, breaking all national and international barriers. You now have a better chance at showcasing your bold and beautiful side. So, don't be afraid to experiment with metal colors and materials and opt for a broader range. Pick up statement rings, and buy earrings in new shapes and styles. One of our favorites, in this case, is the beautiful Celia antique long necklace set from the house of Tarinika. Creating an impression that's both bold and beautiful, the amalgamation of traditional design with CZ stones and modern earrings is bound to impress. 


Show your sporty and adventurous side

Jewelry needn't be all flowers and leaves. If you border on the adventurous side, opt for jewelry that reflects your style. Show off the right pieces, bracelets, or slim necklaces with pendants. Buy practical yet stylish earrings and add a pop of color and shine to your appearance. You can also opt for gemstones that can be worn as everyday jewelry or on special occasions. Choose unique settings and pair them right by choosing the right sizes, materials, and colors. 


A piece that we love and often recommend, in this case, is a pretty pair of antique gold plated Jaisvi bangles. Created in a combination that uses lovely CZs, the antique gold polish of the piece of jewelry renders it a look of class. The easy-to-use clasp on the jewelry gives you a perfect fit and makes it an excellent choice for many occasions. 

Make a fashion statement 

The easiest way to make a fashion statement is to shop from stores that work on your designs. The right kind of designs, intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail can make all the difference in creating striking, attractive, and very different jewelry. Make a fashion statement by focusing on the craftsmanship, balance of colors, and available range. Also, experiment with statement choker necklace online and finger rings that will enable you to steal the show. 


From the house of Tarinika, we recommend the beautiful antique gold plated Dripti earring set. Crafted to mesmerize, this set has been created from differently shaped CZ stones that have artistically been used on the canvas of jewelry. With pearl drops that dangle at the edge, the entire piece is created with sheer love and is sure to craft your unique fashion statement. 

Reflect your traditional side  

Indian heritage is blessed with a rich and diverse tapestry of Indian jewelry. Dating to thousands of years old, the intricate craftsmanship and quality of the yesteryears continue to amaze us. As a result, many hold traditional jewelry close to their heart and adorn it at the slightest opportunity that we get. 


For such connoisseurs of jewelry and lovers of traditional pieces is our antique gold plated ronia earrings. Studded with CZ stones and bordered with tiny pearls, the half-moon-shaped earring adds charm. The little buttalu with the exquisite lay of stones and pearls catches the eye. These statement pieces are sure to win your heart with their artistry. 

Showcase your love for the craft  

Every piece of jewelry holds a story, and the connoisseurs of the craft, know that well. The year 2022 is all about showcasing your love for craft and your acquaintance with the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship. Own pieces that you will love to wear and love to talk about. So, whether you set out to buy earrings or necklaces online, or look for bracelets or finger rings, pay extra attention to the craftsmanship. 

A piece we often love to talk about is our antique gold plated divash choker earring set. One of the best sellers from the Tarinika family, this CZ jewelry set is studded with stones in multiple colors. Crafted with a choker and Jhumkas in a floral pattern, the cluster drop of pearls adds to the charm. 

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