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Uncovering the Resurgence of Victorian Jewellery in Recent Trends

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In today's fast-paced world, where fashion trends are as dynamic as ever, there's something remarkably timeless about Victorian jewellery. The intricate craftsmanship and vintage allure of these pieces have experienced a resurgence in recent times, captivating the hearts of modern fashionistas. This blog will dive deep into the enchanting world of Victorian jewellery, exploring its rich history, design elements, and its prominent place in today's fashion landscape.  

The Victorian Era: A Glimpse into the Past  

The Victorian era, spanning from 1837 to 1901 during Queen Victoria's reign, was characterized by remarkable societal changes, which greatly influenced jewellery design. This era witnessed the Industrial Revolution, resulting in the mass production of jewellery, making it more accessible to a broader audience. As time flowed like a meandering river, the Victorian era left an indelible mark on the world of fashion and jewellery.   

Intricate Craftsmanship and Timeless Appeal 

One of the defining features of Victorian jewellery is its intricate craftsmanship. Artisans of the time poured their hearts and souls into creating pieces that told stories, often incorporating symbols of love, loyalty, and remembrance. This attention to detail sets Victorian jewellery apart and contributes to its enduring allure. Each Victorian piece showcased the artisan's dedication and passion and was passed down with time.   

The Resurgence of Victorian Jewellery  

In recent years, Victorian jewellery has experienced a remarkable resurgence in popularity. Fashion-forward individuals are drawn to its romantic and nostalgic aesthetic, making it a sought-after choice for both special occasions and everyday wear. As fashion constantly evolves, the resurgence of Victorian jewellery serves as a reminder that timeless elegance never truly goes out of style. 

Designs That Transcend Time  

Victorian jewellery boasts a diverse range of design elements, from the romantic and sentimental to the bold and dramatic. Some popular styles include: 

Mourning Jewellery:  

Characterized by dark gemstones and motifs like urns and weeping willows, mourning jewellery served to remember loved ones. Since the Victorian era was one that was often fraught with wars and strife, it was common to see people wearing jewellery that reminded them of their loved ones or were keepsakes. Today, we call the same type of jewellery as heirlooms and generally wear recreated pieces to preserve the originals. 

Enamel Work:  

Vibrant enamel colours added a touch of vibrancy to pieces, creating a striking contrast with the dark mourning jewellery. While we have our own styles of enamel work that are prevalent in India, these styles were darker, less festive and reflected the time period.  


Lockets, often containing a loved one's portrait or a lock of hair, were cherished keepsakes. Nowadays, however, people tend to use their phone’s lockscreen, or a photo gallery to record and keep memories of their loved ones safe. 

These design elements, though rooted in history, continue to captivate people, even today!  

Tarinika's Victorian Collection 

At Tarinika Jewellers, we understand the enduring appeal of Victorian jewellery, which is why we've curated a stunning collection that pays homage to this timeless era. Our designers have meticulously crafted pieces that capture the essence of Victorian design while infusing a contemporary twist. 

Explore our exquisite range of Victorian jewellery that seamlessly blends the elegance of the past with the flair of the present. 

  1. Choker Necklaces

This statement necklace features intricate filigree work and a stunning center stone, making it a perfect addition to any formal ensemble. Choker necklaces give your outfits the center stage they need, creating a base to build up from, or make a statement with. TheWiley Nakshatra CZ Choker is the best example of this, with its opulent vintage look.

  1. Graceful Earrings

Crafting graceful earrings is an iconic Victorian style, and our earrings are a tribute to this tradition, exuding grace and sophistication. Victorian earrings impart a sense of beauty and austerity to the wearer and create an old-world aura. This radiates a soft, regal charm to your outfit as well, magnifying it.

TheBessie Kundan Chandelier Earrings are the best mix of both kundan grandeur and the beauty of Victorian inspired chandelier earrings. Wear them to make a statement with any outfit of your choice.

  1. Victorian Long Necklaces:

Long necklaces are here to steal the show. A versatile design, these beauties are the perfect length for layering with shorter necklaces, or with chokers. Adorned with gemstones and a classic Victorian polish, long necklaces are here to provide you with just the push you need to create your own jewellery look!

Wear theAlma Nakshatra CZ Necklace Set with any outfit of your choice and watch it elevate your entire ensemble! 

These exquisite pieces from Tarinika's Victorian collection are designed to make a statement, whether you're attending a formal event or adding a touch of Victorian charm to your everyday look.  


In conclusion, Victorian jewellery's resurgence in recent trends is a testament to its enduring appeal. The blend of intricate craftsmanship, sentimental design elements, and a touch of modernity make it a perfect choice for those who appreciate the timeless beauty of the past. Tarinika Jewellers' Victorian-inspired collection offers a glimpse into this enchanting world, allowing you to adorn yourself with pieces that tell stories of love, elegance, and history. 

So, why not embrace the charm of Victorian jewellery and add a touch of timeless elegance to your jewellery collection today? 

  • Blog by: Anil Bains