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Unleash Your Desi Look with Indian Jewelry for Women

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When it comes to dressing up and adorning jewelry, the desi look is still close to many a heart. Prett and dainty pieces of jewelry by Indian craftsmen have allured us since time immemorial. Inspired by nature and geometry, it is fascinating to see the scope and potential of desi jewelry. So, if you too want to rock the desi look with elan, we bring you some great ideas. 


If you're the one who wears armlets only on traditional and grand occasions such as a wedding, then now's the time to explore a new side of this jewelry. While armlets had once become relegated to give such a look, today the fashion scene allows for these pieces of jewelry to be worn on western wear as well.  


How to choose: Your choice of armlet will depend on the attire you're planning to wear. Choose an elaborate antique traditional armlet if you plan to wear a saree. Choose a slender geometry-inspired piece as a delicate addition to your sleeveless evening gown.  

Tip: If you plan to wear a watch, then wear the armlet and watch on two different hands to balance the look. 

Side Hair Brooch:

Another accessory that used to be reserved only for special occasions was the Mang tika. However, today many women are using this beautiful piece of jewelry more flexibly. The side hair brooch or Passa is a fun way to experiment with the Mang tika. 


How to choose: Choose jewelry in the right color to complement your attire and skin tone. If wearing it like a brooch, then opt for a design that will give you the balanced look of elegance and style. 

Tip: Choose embellishments like pearls that perfectly offset many attires, especially in shades of cream and off-white. 


A favorite piece of jewelry that transcends geographical boundaries, is the ring. While rings are a popular part of many cultures, the craftsmanship of India can lend its own irresistible charm. With motifs inspired by flora and fauna being favorites for many, our recent favorite has been the marquis CZ stones ring called Siraj. Available in different colored stones, you can customize the ring you wish to wear, with colors of your choice. 


How to choose: The most important factor to consider is your ring size. Also, depending on whether you like to stack rings on the same hand, distribute them on both your hands or just wear one ring, choose your individual style.  

Tip: Indulge in desi statement rings that will enhance your look with oomph and style. 


While jewelry usually focuses on upper body, the feet often go ignored. This is where the desi anklets come to your rescue, as they enhance your appearance by making your feet look dainty and beautiful. While once offered in a limited range of metals and designs, today's designers have made it possible to explore wider usage. So, bring these beauties out of the category of bridal trousseau, and start enjoying them in more ways than one. 


How to choose: Choose anklets to match your attire. Choose contrasting colors and wear them in geometric styles. Lovers of ethnic must check out the Sadaf antique anklets from Tarinika.

Tip: You can choose to wear only one anklet instead of wearing them as a pair. This look can go smartly with your western attires as well.


Finally, the most desi swag comes from the range of Indian necklaces sets for women that are available. Glittering with CZ stones, available in different lengths, choose one that entices you the most. Pick choker necklaces that can enhance the look of any attire, be it western or Indian. In fact, it often is a great complement to off-shoulder dresses and to western gowns as well.  


How to choose: Choose your necklace length depending on what aspect you wish to highlight. Pay attention to the color of the metal and the CZ stones, and ensure that it complements your attire, neckline, and skin tone. The Aaditri antique choker with its elements of antique gold, white and red is a true example of a show-stealer.

Tip: Try on different widths of necklaces to find out what suits your neck the best. Heavily embroidered tops often go with simple necklaces, while intricately crafted elaborately designed jewelry goes well on relatively plain and non-embroidered tops.

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  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan