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Antique Jewellery Collection

Anu Antique Necklace Set
Maati Mango Motif Antique Oxidized Statement Necklace Set
Madhvi Antique Oxidized Necklace
Mura Antique Oxidized Necklace Set
Maati Statement Peacock Antique Oxidized Necklace Set
Maati Fusion Chandbali Antique Oxidized Earrings
Maati Statement Antique Oxidized Nose Pin
Maati Floral Antique Oxidized Nose Pin
Maati Peacock Antique Oxidized Nose Pin
Maati Peacock Floral Antique Oxidized Chandbali Earrings
Maati Statement Peacock Antique Oxidized Nose Pin
Maati Jhumki Floral Antique Oxidized Necklace Set

Shop Tarinika’s Antique Collection  

Antique jewellery is trendy among jewellery lovers due to its unique aged, rusty look and intricately handcrafted designs that are not machine replicable. You can easily find a wide range of antique fashion jewellery online, including earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, bracelets, anklets, mangal sutras, maang tikkas, and more. The sheer variety of designs in antique fashion jewellery has made it the ideal choice for many women. Antique short necklaces are the trendiest necklaces available today. No ethnic outfit is complete without adding an antique short necklace from Tarinika. Short necklace designs from Tarinika are simple, elegant and always suited to your outfit needs. Choose from various short necklace designs from our antique short necklace design collection to look stunning on your special day! Antique traditional short necklace designs have historically been worn as essential in Indian ethnic jewellery. Wear an antique traditional short necklace to enhance, embellish and stun the crowd! Antique short necklace designs are known for their beauty and quality in India. Antique kundan jewellery is one of a few styles of antique jewellery that look good with anything and are extremely versatile.  

Antique South Indian jewellery is also known as temple jewellery. Antique temple jewellery is generally worn during marriages and other festivals. This style of jewellery is often  

Benefits of Tarinika’s Antique Fashion Jewellery:   

  1. The cost of buying antique fashion jewellery is much lower than that of actual antique jewellery, making it more affordable. Antique fashion jewellery is the perfect choice for building a jewellery collection. You can buy multiple pieces in different designs at a lower budget than you would have to shell out for authentic antique south Indian jewellery. Short antique choker necklaces are worth the investment, without costing too much. Antique kundan jewellery from Tarinika is always the best choice.  
  2. Due to its affordability, you can easily keep up with changing trends and indulge in the latest jewellery designs without worrying about the cost. Antique temple jewellery is the most affordable type of jewellery from Tarinika online.  
  3. Another added advantage of antique fashion jewellery is that if you lose your jewellery, it won’t be much of a setback to you in monetary terms, making it easy to carry while travelling. Antique gold short necklaces are especially lightweight, easy to carry and take with you.    
  4. Given adequate care, your antique fashion jewellery from Tarinika can last long, thus increasing its durability. Short antique choker necklaces are one of the most long-lasting jewellery pieces available today. Make sure to keep your antique gold short necklace away from moisture, dust and sweat after use.   
  5. With the advancement in jewellery-making techniques, it has become challenging to tell the difference between authentic and fashion jewellery, making antique fashion jewellery a popular choice among the jewellery-inclined populace. Let antique temple jewellery be your next best investment.  
  6. Antique fashion jewellery comes in a vast range of designs and options, making it possible for you to get the perfect match for your outfit. Tarinika jewellery will go with anything, anywhere!  
  7. You can easily find antique south Indian jewellery sets by Tarinika online, including earrings, antique gold short necklaces, and bracelets. Customising antique fashion jewellery is much less costly than authentic, making it a popular choice among jewellery lovers.    

              You can find a variety of antique jewellery set for bridal online, including Indian jewellery and antique sets.   

              Types of Antique Fashion Jewellery:   

              1. Antique Earrings:  Antique earrings come in a wide range of designs, the most popular being antique jhumka designs, chandbalis, drop earrings, hoop earrings, and stud earrings. In the design, you can find enchanting motifs related to flowers, leaves, animals, peacocks, gods, and goddesses. With the number of choices available in the market, antique gold earring designs are the ultimate Tarinika jewellery choice for all occasions. These antique jewellery designs will make you fall in love with them. When you buy antique jewellery online from Tarinika, you support local artisans, and aid the endurance of an age-old tradition.  
              2. Antique Necklace Sets:  Antique necklace sets add a touch of old-world charm and elegance to your outfit. They come in various styles, such as chokers, antique short necklaces, long necklaces, layered necklaces, and pendant sets. The recurring motifs of temple design, flowers, animals, and others make them most suitable for auspicious occasions. Antique short necklace sets are some of the most critical parts of antique jewellery. Antique short necklace designs can be styled with any other type of jewelry. Look to pair your antique gold short necklace with an antique bangle, bracelet and long necklace, to maintain the style of your outfit. Short necklace designs at Tarinika jewellery India are made with new styles and fashion in mind. Wear an antique traditional short necklace to your next upanayanam, party or griha pravesh ceremony. Antique short necklace designs from Tarinika jewelry and are here to make your ceremonies bright and delightful. Short antique choker necklaces will make you feel your best on any occasion. Antique South Indian jewellery designs will look perfect on you for any occasion. This antique jewellery design is one that will surely last you years!  
              3. Antique Bangles and Bracelets: Mix and match different antique gold bangles designs for a unique style statement. They pair nicely with different outfits and can highlight your appearance on any occasion. Mix and match your antique south Indian jewellery designs to create the best look. 
              4. Antique Rings: Antique ring designs are the perfect accessory for a minimalistic look or pairing Indian jewellery with a Western outfit. Antique rings give your look the right touch of elegance without overwhelming your appearance. Rings from Tarinika jewellery India will make you look the best on every occasion!  
              5. Antique Waist Bands:Waistbands are meant to accentuate your waist and add charm to your outfit. It is one of the must-have accessories for South Indian brides. You can also wear a sleek waistband for religious occasions and festivities.   
              6. Antique Armlets:Armlets act as adornments for the upper arm and are very popular among South Indian brides. Because armlets are part of bridal jewellery, they come in many attractive designs. You will find most armlets with temple motifs since they symbolise good luck, divinity and blessings. Buy antique jewellery online from Tarinika jewellery India and brighten your world!  
              7. Antique Hair Accessories: Different hair accessories such asmaang tikka,damini or brooch adorn the hair on special occasions. Hair accessories are trendy among Indian brides and a must-have for many Indian weddings. You can easily pair an antique maang tikka with your bridal outfit to add a touch of tradition to your modern, minimalistic wedding. Antique jewellery designs in the form of hair accessories are the best way to accessorise your outfit. Antique jewellery set for bridal traditions are easily found here at Tarinika!  
              8. Antique Anklets: Anklets are traditional ornaments given to the bride by the groom as a symbol of his fidelity. Anklets are very popular among Indian women due to their cultural significance as antique temple jewellery. They come in pairs that are meant to be worn on both ankles.Antique anklet designs at Tarinika are perfect for any festivity, religious function, or wedding. Bridal antique jewellery is one of our bestsellers.  

                                  Why You Should Choose Tarinika Jewelry:    

                                  1. With our expertise and experience in jewellery-making, we bring the trendiest antique jewellery designs to our customers with great precision and utmost care.   
                                  2. All Tarinika jewelry is meticulously handcrafted by our highly experienced artisans who spend hours perfecting an antique jewellery design piece.   
                                  3. All Tarinika jewelry comes with a 1-year warranty and a 14-day easy return policy.   
                                  4. We offer free-of-cost customisation without any hidden charges on all our antique temple jewellery, and antique jewellery set for bridal occasions as well. Buy customisable bridal antique jewellery from Tarinika! 


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