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Bridal Jewellery Sets

Radha Antique Bridal Set
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Bridal Sets: 

Bridal sets are gaining popularity among modern brides mainly because you can get perfectly complementing bridal jewellery set with the least hassle. Bridal jewellery sets usually consist of matching earrings, necklace, nose ring and maang tikka or jhoomar. Imitation bridal sets are even more popular among the brides-to-be because of the wide variety of designs and colours as well as customization option available in imitation bridal sets category. Imitation bridal jewellery is very affordable and thus you can purchase different bridal sets for different wedding rituals. 

Benefits of Imitation Bridal Sets Over Real Bridal Sets: 

  1. Imitation bridal sets are way more affordable than real bridal sets. Thus, you can choose multiple pieces for different wedding functions if you decide to go with imitation bridal sets.
  2. Also, due to the low cost involved, the fear of misplacing imitation bridal jewellery is very less than that of real bridal sets. 
  3. Imitation bridal sets come in a wide variety of colours and designs while real bridal sets come in limited designs. Thus, you have more options to choose from for the perfect bridal look. 
  4. Customizing imitation bridal jewellery is a less costly affair as compared to customizing real bridal jewellery due to the low cost and ready availability of materials required. 
  5. Branded imitation bridal jewellery will give you the picture-perfect look you desire at a fraction of cost of real bridal jewellery due to its flawless appearance and craftsmanship. 

Types of Imitation Bridal Sets: 

Antique Bridal Sets:  

Antique bridal sets have an aged, rusty appearance which is highly sought after by many brides-to-be for the gorgeous traditional South Indian bridal look. Antique bridal sets can have bridal earrings, choker, long necklace, maang tikka, bridal hair brooch, bridal kamarband, etc depending upon the design. They look the best when paired with bright-coloured bridal wear in traditional red-gold hues. 

Nakshatra CZ Bridal Sets: 

Add the sparkle of Nakshatra CZ stones to your bridal wear with CZ or American Diamond bridal sets. These bridal sets are perfect for pastel hued bridal wear which has become very popular nowadays. The contrast between the brilliance of CZ stones and the pastel colours of your outfit creates an enchanting effect. 

Kundan Bridal Sets: 

Kundan jewellery has enjoyed immense favoritism among brides-to-be for a long time because of the stately appearance of this jewellery and the trend continues in present times. If you are planning to wear Kundan jewellery for your wedding day, then investing in Kundan bridal sets is a good decision as you will get matching jewellery in one go. Kundan bridal sets generally include, bridal choker necklace, bridal long necklace, bridal maang tikka, bridal nath with chain and bridal earrings. Apart from this, you can also get your jewellery set customized according to your bridal lehenga colour. 

Apart from the above-mentioned bridal sets, the other bridal sets that are popular among brides-to-be are Polki bridal set, temple jewellery bridal set, and pearl bridal set. 

Reasons to Buy Bridal Sets from Tarinika: 

  1. Bridal sets have been designed with the needs and aesthetics of the bride-to-be from different regions in mind. 
  2. 1-year warranty and 14-day return period is available on all products. 
  3. Customization option is available according to your bridal wear at no extra cost. 
  4. Premium stones are used in the making of bridal sets to give you a luxurious feel.
  5. New bridal sets are added as per the changing trends every 2-3 months 

Bestselling Bridal Jewellery Sets

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