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Classic Simple Antique Jhumki Earrings
Classic Simple Antique Jhumki Earrings
₹ 1,049
Vibhati Antique Earrings
Vibhati Antique Earrings
₹ 1,599

One of the most popular and highly worn ornaments, earrings come in various sizes, shapes, and designs to meet the needs of different individuals. You can find earrings made from many materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, bone, feathers, and more. Fashion earrings are one of the most affordable types of earrings. If you want to buy high-quality fashion earrings online for a special occasion, it is best to go for a well-known brand for quality assurance. Different kinds of fashion, a.k.a costume earrings, are available on the market that can be easily paired with different outfits. Indian jewellery online India will always be the best when bought from Tarinika. 

Types of Earrings: 

Antique Earrings: 

Antique earrings have an aged, rusty appearance giving them an inherent charm and grace. Antique gold or antique oxidised earrings are generally handcrafted with a very high level of precision which is not replicable by high-precision machines. Hence,antique earrings are trendy and highly coveted because of their unique designs. You can find different motifs of flowers, leaves, peacocks, animals, and tribal and temple designs are generally carved on the earrings at Tarinika jewellery online. Antique earrings designs go well with all kinds of attire, be it Indian or Western, and are suitable for casual parties, weddings, festivities, formal meetings, or family functions.  

Nakshatra CZ Earrings:  

Nakshatra CZ earrings or American diamond earrings come in different styles, such asjhumkas earrings, drop earrings, chandbalis, dangle earrings, studs, andhoop earrings. They can be the perfect accessory choice based on your outfit and the occasion. The cost of CZ stone earrings depends on the quality of CZ stones used in making them, with A being the lowest grade and AAAAA being the highest.  

Kundan Earrings:  

Kundan earrings give their wearer a royal look and are generally suited for weddings, festivals, or family functions. Studded with different gemstones, they will perfectly complement your gorgeous saree, lehenga, or Anarkali suit. Wear these earrings for women as part of your jewellery collection today! 

Contemporary Earrings:  

Contemporary earrings are the best option if you want to add variety to your earrings collection. With a minimalistic look and clean lines, they give a non-fussy appearance to the wearer. They will complement your formal attire or desi outfit seamlessly.  

Styles of Earrings:  

Over the years, many styles of earrings designs have become very popular. We have listed some of the timeless styles here:  

Jhumka Earrings:  

These iconic bell-shaped earrings models have a universal appeal to them and, thus, are usually found on the must-have list of all women. Their bold charm and grace make them the ultimate Indian fashion statement most desired by every woman.  

Chandbali Earrings:  

The alluring Chandbalis derive their name from their unique crescent moon shape, withchand meaning moon andBali meaning earring. The craft ofchandbali earrings was discovered during the Mughal era and has flourished since then, owing primarily to the popularity of these earrings models among women due to their versatility.  

Drop Earrings:  

As the name suggests,drop earrings models hang below the earlobe and do not move while walking or moving your head. They can be thought of as an extension of stud earrings. From delicate contemporary drop earrings to statement earrings, they are a perfect foil for Indian jewellery online India and Western outfits. These earrings for women will be the best addition to your outfit and wardrobe. 

Stud Earrings:  

From elegant pearl earrings online to contemporary eclectic designs,stud earrings designs come in many styles. Depending on the intricacy of the design and the outfit choice, stud earrings models can be worn on any occasion. Buy earrings online from Tarinika. 

Hoop Earrings:  

Indianhoop earrings have a circular or hoop shape. Depending upon the wearer's personality, they can symbolise unity, strength, identity, or international fashion. Hoops come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the right hoop size based on your facial structure and outfit is very important as you want to avoid getting overwhelmed by your hoop earrings. By the way, pearl earrings online are popular due to their grace and timeless quality. Add these earrings for women to your jewellery closet today! 

Reasons to Buy Earrings online from Tarinika: 

  1. Nail thedesi look with stunning Tarinika earrings while making a unique style statement on any occasion. Choose from a comprehensive collection of the most enchanting jhumka earrings, chandbalis, drop earrings, and more. 
  2. Choose from 1000+ designs available. These earrings are made from the best metals and studded with premium stones like cubic zirconia, kempu, pearl earrings online, polki, etc., and will perfectly complement your attire. Tarinika jewellery online is just waiting to help you adorn yourself with your attire. 
  3. All our products carry a 1-Year warranty, and returns/exchanges are accepted within 14 days of receiving the product. 
  4. Get customised earrings according to your outfit at no extra cost. Just choose the design and let us know your preferences. 
  5. 30+ years of experience in jewellery making. All our artisans and craftsmen are highly experienced in jewellery making. Buying Tarinika jewellery online is one of the best decisions you can make when looking to buy jewellery. 
  6. We keep abreast of the trends and renew our collection after every 2-3 months so that our customers always look at their trendiest.  

            How to Choose the Perfect Earrings:  

            Of course, the occasion and the outfit are the deciding factors when choosing the right earrings, but what is even more important is to find the style of earrings that flatter your facial structure. When buying Tarinika jewellery online, always go on our official store. We have put together a quick guide to follow while choosing earrings for you:   

            1. Round Shape – A round face has few sharp lines on the chin and cheek. It is circular and fuller in shape. Long, slender earrings are the best for this type of face as they will help give a long look to the face. 
            2. Oval Shape – An oval face is longer than a round face and is often considered ideal. If you have an oval-shaped face, you can wear almost any earrings without any problem. Hoops, studs, and triangle-shaped earrings work best with this shape.   
            3. Heart Shape – A heart-shaped face is broader on the forehead and tapers towards the chin. Teardrop earrings work the best with this kind of face as they are wider at the bottom and do an excellent job balancing out your features. 
            4. Inverted Triangle Shape – Similar to a heart-shaped face, an inverted triangle face is broader at the forehead with a narrower chin. But, unlike the softer heart face, this one has sharper angles. Like the heart shape, choose earrings with a weighted bottom to balance the angles. Dangle earrings are always the best choice for this kind of face.   
            5. Square Shape – A square-shaped face is very similar to the round-shaped one in terms of symmetry. It has a boxier shape than the round one, however. Hoops and studs work the best with this kind of face to soften its natural angles.   
            6. Diamond Shape – A diamond-shaped face is the widest at the eyes, with the forehead and chin having the same width. Earrings that soften the natural angles are the best for this face, like a teardrop or stud earrings.
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