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Long Necklace Sets


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Long Necklace Sets: 

Any necklace that is more than 20-22 inches in length is characterized as a long necklace while those longer than 32 inches are called rope necklaces. The choice to wear a long necklace depends on the outfit and the occasion. Traditional long necklaces for saree are usually worn to make a statement or for festive occasions like weddings, religious celebrations, etc. When worn, long necklace sets become the focal point of your entire look. Hence, it is very important to choose the necklace design carefully so that it matches your outfit and is occasion-appropriate. 

Gold-plated long necklace sets can be paired comfortably with sarees, lehengas, Anarkali suits or dresses, tops, etc. They can make an excellent choice in case you are going for deep or plunging necklines. Long necklace sets are usually accompanied by matching earrings. They come in various styles and designs. You can find high priced long necklaces made of precious metals as well as the more affordable imitation gold or oxidised long necklace sets. The main advantage of an imitation long necklace set over the real one is the cost. You can buy different styles of imitation long necklace sets to go with different outfits for a limited budget. This isn’t possible in the case of real long necklace sets. Nowadays, imitation long necklace sets are so flawlessly designed that it has become harder for laymen to know if the jewellery is real or imitation. 

Different Types of Long Necklace Sets: 

Antique Long Necklace Sets: 

These are usually made from gold-like alloy such as brass which is then plated with gold in a way that the end product has an aged, rusty look. Antique designer long necklace sets are very much in demand during the festive and wedding seasons. This is primarily because of the level of detail and the traditional designs found on antique long necklaces. The most popular motifs found in different long necklace styles are flowers, leaves, animals, birds, gods, and goddesses. You can find long necklaces in single strands or multi-strands depending on the look you are going for. Also, long necklaces are a good choice in case you are thinking of layering your necklaces. Just ensure that the different layers don’t tangle with each other. 

Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Sets: 

Nakshatra CZ or AD (American Diamond) long necklace sets are studded with premium-quality Cubic Zirconia stones. Again, the base of the necklace is made up of brass alloy with plating in yellow-gold, rose-gold, white-gold or white-rhodium depending on the aesthetics of the designs. These necklace sets can be easily worn at parties as well as functions. You can find CZ long necklace sets in modern as well as traditional designs. Hence, they look equally well with Indian as well as Western outfits. The common motifs found are tribal, temple, geometric, floral, and animals. Other premium gemstones and glass can also be used along with CZ stones. 

Kundan Long Necklace Sets: 

Kundan jewellery is known for its royal roots and looks and the Kundan long necklace set is no different. It gives the wearer a stately appearance. Kundan necklaces can be studded with Kundan stones, Polki stones, CZ stones, etc. and can also be enameled as per the design. Kundan moti long necklace sets are a perfect fit for sarees, lehengas and other Indian outfits. You can also pair Kundan long necklace sets with Western outfits but do ensure that the jewellery does not overwhelm your entire look. 

Reasons to Buy Long Necklace Sets from Tarinika: 

  1. 30+ years of jewellery designing experience.
  2. Only premium materials are used in making the jewellery.
  3. 1-year warranty on all items.
  4. 14-days easy return/exchange policy.
  5. Customization of jewellery is available at no extra cost. 
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