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Maang Tikka And Daminis: 

Accessorising hair has been a centuries-old practice in India. Hair accessories form an indispensable part of the bridal trousseau. A bride’s appearance is considered incomplete without a maang tikka. Part of the solah shringar (16 bridal ornaments), the maang tikka and damini are crucial pieces that stand out.

Antique maang tikkas and daminis or matha patti (as they are called in some parts) have become mainstream jewellery pieces. Maang tikkas have a central pendant-like piece(thetikka) with a chain attached, anchoring the maang tikka to the hair, called aserai

A damini is more elaborate, with side chains extending from the central pendant apart from the middle one. Depending upon the complexity of the damini, there are at least 3 or more chains in the design. Maang tikkas and daminis are adorned with motifs such as temple, floral, leaf, coin, etc., to make them more attractive and add to their auspiciousness. Maang tikkas and daminis can be beautifully paired with a bridal saree or lehenga to make the bride look stunning. Depending upon the colour and design of the bridal wear, customisation options can also be available with different brands. 

Types of Maang Tikkas and Daminis: 

Antique Maang Tikka and Damini: 

Antique maang tikka and damini have an old-world charm, which is why they are popular. Made from alloys like brass with an antique matte finish, they are the perfect accessory to complete the bridal look. Antique hair accessories come in different designs like temple, peacock, coin, etc. and are very affordable, so you can buy multiple pieces to go with different attires. 

Nakshatra CZ Maang Tikka and Damini: 

These hair accessories are studded with premium cubic zirconia stones, pearls and other beads. The base metal is an alloy with plating of yellow-gold or white.Nakshatra CZmaang tikkas and daminis are perfect for adding a little bling to your look. CZ stones are famous for their similarity to natural diamonds and are the best option for a luxurious appearance. CZ hair accessories also come in optimistic elements such as temples, coins, flowers, etc., thus making them suitable for bridal jewellery. 

Kundan Antique Maang Tikka and Damini: 

The results are outstanding when intricate Kundan artisanship is applied to antique maang tikkas and daminis. You get an intricate, impeccable hair accessory to bolster your royal hairstyle. Covered in Kundan, Polki, or CZ stones and beads, Kundan maang tikkas and daminis are the perfect companions for your Kundan bridal jewellery. When worn on some other festive occasion, they add a subtle royal look to your entire ensemble.

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