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Short Necklaces Set

Everything You Need to Know About Alluring Necklaces for Wedding Season by Tarinika  

Wedding bells have started ringing again all around us, similar to every year. With so many rituals and hundreds of people being in one place, jewellery makes a person look different from others. It won't be wrong if we say that astonishing jewellery pieces are the life of the wedding. Apart from giving you a different look to stand apart in the crowd, these are also some of the investments you could make in your life, especially when it comes down to necklaces. 

Important Things to Keep a Note of When Shopping for Necklace Sets 

Whether it is your first time buying a necklace set, or you are someone who loves to grab hands on every piece of jewellery they see, the process of shopping for necklace sets is highly fascinating, but certainly not for everyone's forte. To start your necklace shopping journey, you must keep some things in your mind:

1. Know the Different Sizes in Necklaces

 When buying necklace sets, you will come across a pile of options, but you must understand what size of Necklace you will prefer more. Necklaces are available in length of 14 inches to 42 inches, all utterly different from the other in terms of design and their specialty. 

  • Collar: Collar necklaces are usually around 14 inches in length. These are tightly placed around the neck and are specifically made to wear with V-necks, boat necks, scoop necks or off-shoulder dresses. It is basically for open-neck clothes.
  • Choker: The next in sequence is Choker which is 16 inches long. A choker is tightly placed against the base of the throat, and the best part is you can wear it with any dress, whether it is Indian or western.
  • Princess: Princess necklaces are available in sizes of 20 to 24 inches and placed on the collarbone. Similar to a choker, you can also wear it with almost everything.
  • Matinee: Matinee is 20 to 24 inches long and specially made for business and casual wear. The matinee is placed between the collarbone and the bust. You should have a matinee necklace in your jewellery collection if you are a working woman. 
  • Opera: With a size of 28 to 36 inches, Opera is the second largest necklace size available. Opera is placed on the bust or one to two inches below and is worn with evening wear.
  • Rope: It is the largest Necklace of 36 to 42 inches and elegant business and evening wear. Rope is wrapped to sit on or just below the centre of the bust.

2. Types of Occasions and Suitable Necklace Types

    While choosing your Necklace, keep three things in mind: the occasion, your outfit, and at what time you are attending the event. The occasion should have a lot of impact on the choice of the necklace set you want to buy. 

    • Wedding

      Weddings are the only occasion where you can be fluent in front of your relatives and family friends. You meet so many people at the wedding that you have to stand out from the crowd at any cost, so what goes best with your dress? While choosing your Necklace, answer two questions, at what time you're going, then based on that, select your colour, then decide your dress neck type. Your dress should be bright in colour with colourful prints, this chain detailing Necklace gives you a stunning look or rope style beaded necklace. Rope style is the largest Necklace of 36 to 42 inches for evening wear. Rope wrapped to sit on or just below the centre of the bust.

      • Formal

        Add a classiness to your formal look with an elegant necklace. Enhance your clothes with a crystal chain and matching dangler. Milk knock knitting can be paired with slim-fit pants and platform wedges when you drive dinner and dinner. Create a nervous statement with a long necklace set of multi-coloured strands. Add crystal watches and stud earrings to stand out from the crowd. Decorate your off-shoulder bodycon dress and high-heeled stiletto heels with a choker necklace.  

        Choose bold floral details from your Necklace to make it look attractive. Complete your outfit with a jewelled ring and carry a cloth clutch to exude enthusiasm. If you are invited to a girlfriend's rehearsal dinner, the floral maxi dress will give you an elegant entrance. Elegant Ruby Necklace, Decorate a pair of drop earrings and open heels. Wear a team case with a business unit or metal screen packaging clothing or kitten heel. Beaded necklaces appear when wearing with dark, damaged slide racks.

        • Casual

          On this occasion, you should know where you are going and what clothes you are wearing. Select your colour wisely. Then your dress neck, if you are wearing V-necks, boat necks, scoop necks or off-shoulder dresses, or any open neck dress, wear a collar necklace which is 14 inches in length. Other than that, you can go with Opera, it is the second-largest Necklace, and it is of size 28 to 36 inches. Opera is placed on the bust or one to two inches below, and it is going in the evening wear.

          • Professional

            In your professional meeting, you should be more careful while selecting your Necklace because you should look more decent with a classic look. For it, you should go with Matinee. It is 20 to 24 inches, and it is specially made for business and casual wear. Other than that, Rope is another choice. It is the largest Necklace of 36 to 42 inches, suitable for elegant business and evening wear.

            3. Know What's Most Trending

            In this age of social media trends, different jewellery trends occur every year, which helps you recreate that look and look different. Before wearing a necklace or going to any location or occasion where you wear a necklace, you should first know about all the trends. It helps you recreate your look all good and makes you feel more confident and beautiful, among others. So, you should go with trends because a fashion statement is all about new looks and trends, and if you follow it, it shows others how active you are in your social life, and you know everything happening around us in the world.

            4. Budget Is Important

            Not just follow trends, but with trends, the budget also matters. Buying new trending necklaces or accessories in your budget is a great task. But Tarinika Jewellers gives you both; they help you follow your trends and provide you with a necklace in your budget because the budget is an important factor in every space. 

            Best In Class Necklace Sets to Buy from Tarinika's Collection

            At the wedding choose the best for your look. Buy your Necklace from Tarinika's best-in-a-class collection. When it comes to a wedding, one needs a Necklace set which brings out their best look in front of the others on a very special occasion. 

            Tarinika collection has Jalaja Lotus Motifs Layered Pearl Necklace, Fleur Lotus Dreamy Necklace Set, Jalaja Lotus Motifs Pearl Necklace, Forever Florals Statement Necklace Set, Three Leaf Clover Kundan Necklace Set, and many more collections in their necklace sets 

            Long Necklace Set for the Royal Touch 

            Choose a design that gives your look the royal touch. If you want to have a royal look in this wedding season, you should wear long necklaces from the Tarinika collection. Long beautiful necklaces go perfectly with your saree look. 

            Aushi Pearl Beads Long Necklace Set is one of the best long necklace sets. Besides that, the Amla Antique Long Necklace Set also gives your face a more royal touch. Wear it with a traditional Indian saree to add charm to the celebration. You must have to check out the other long necklace set of Tarinika's Collection if you want your wedding to look royal. 

            Check Long Necklace Collection

            Antique Necklace Set for Being Distinguished 

            Antique necklace sets are some of the best unique necklaces. They are very artistic and beautiful. It shows and celebrates the art and culture of India. The wedding shows you to stand out differently between many people. 

            One of my personal favourites is the Morya Antique Necklace Set. This dancing lady necklace set by Tarinika celebrates timeless Indian art and culture. The dangling dancing lady motifs are prominently displayed with bird embossed coins, gorgeous yet straightforward. This antique Necklace is a perfect addition to Indian ethnic outfits and lasting addition to your jewellery box. Besides the Tanira Antique Necklace Set, the Rini Antique Necklace Setis also unique. Check out Tarinika's antique necklace set collection to buy an antique necklace set.

            Check Antique Necklace Set Collection

            Contemporary Necklace Sets for the New You 

            A contemporary necklace set is concerned with reflecting on itself and the conditions in which it takes place. It works in a critical or conscious relationship to the history of the practice and the broader field of jewellery and adornment. Some contemporary necklace sets of Tarinika jewellers are Sutra Antique Necklace Set, Sheeny Delicate CZ Necklace Set, Norah Antique Simple Necklace Set and 28 more. 

            Check Contemporary Necklace Sets Collection

            Nakshatra CZ Necklace Sets

            Nakshatra necklace sets are one of the most famous and beautiful necklace sets. In Hindu astrology, Nakshatra means one of the asterisms in the moon's path or one of its celestial houses. It makes you look Sophisticated, royal, and stunning, inspiring confidence in you no matter the occasion. Tarinika jewellers have 184 unique and attractive Nakshatra CZ necklace sets. Some are Hiya Nakshatra CZ Necklace Set, Miley Nakshatra CZ Necklace Set, and many more check out now on Tarinika jewellery. 

            Check Nakshatra CZ Necklace Collection

            How Tarinika Is the One Stop Solution for Your Necklace Shopping Journey?

            Tarinika is the one-stop solution for your necklace shopping journey. It has everything in its store. You have so many functions at a wedding, and in every function, you have your different dresses. To enhance your look in different dresses, you need different colours and sizes of necklaces, and Tarinika has all types of necklaces for you. There is no need to find different necklaces with your different dresses at different places. Now at one store, you can get everything in your budget.