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5 Antique Necklaces to Match With Any Outfit

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When looking forIndian jewellery online, one is often unable to choose from the sheer number of choices provided. Tarinika offers you a range of we would recommend wearing a showstopper antique necklace set. But it is a common myth that antique necklace sets are reserved to be worn only on important occasions. No other jewel in your collection can be as versatile as the classic necklace. Be it any look or an outfit that is pg together, accentuating it with a necklace set will only enhance its beauty, regardless of whether your style is Indian traditional wear or a boho-inspired look. If you choose jewels for your fusion fashion look or are getting dressed for a brilliant casual day out, necklaces help accessorise perfectly. Finding antique necklace sets online can be an issue, and Tarinika is here to help! 

At Tarinika, we love off-beat antique necklace sets crafted in antique gold. These necklace sets not only charm but also look well put together. An antique necklace set is sure to add an authentic, ageless appeal to your outfit. 

Here are five antique necklace set designs that would go perfectly with any outfit you choose.

Inspired by Nature 

We love and recommend jewellery that is organic and inspired by the beauty of nature that we daily see and experience so beautifully. Crafted in antique gold with strings of flower and dewdrop designs, the Chloe Antique Necklace Set is the perfect styling accessory for your outfit, an intimate soiree or a family celebration. The inverted pyramid earrings add a statement edge to the look. This antique necklace set is ready to help you shine with natural beauty.

Sparkle and Glow

CZ Stone set in jewels is a forerunner when it comes to statement jewelry to style with your outfits. They shine and glow and make your outfit whole in a way that is worthy of a runway. With the stones set in an antique necklace set along with motifs of a graceful dancing nymph-like our Urvi Necklace Set, a necklace set like this is worth a thousand usual necklace choices.

A Garland of Diamonds

If there is a piece of jewelry that we absolutely recommend you own, it would be the Norah Antique Simple necklace set by the House of Tarinika. It is a true mark of effective craftsmanship and ethereal design executed to perfection. You can wear this necklace with ANY outfit and it will only add to the look instead of taking away from it. The crafted CZ stones strung along resembling a dainty garland with tiny shell accents in the middle make it look exquisite, to say the least.

Lotus Motifs

Taking inspiration from the lotuses in the pond, this antique necklace set by the House of Tarinika is another standout piece for your outfit. Be it a casual blue jeans-white shirt outfit or a breezy dress, the Fleur Lotus Necklace Set is the perfect wear. The string of lotuses tied together with precious stone accents in the necklace is a design dream.

The Floral Prelude

When you are looking for Indian jewelry online, often you are confronted with design choices that have been done over and over. The designs may seem repetitive, especially if you are not a fan of the traditional flower and temple motifs. In such a case, an offbeat design choice will completely add the accent to your outfit and will make it stand out from the crowd. The Fleur Stamens Necklace Set is one of the most unusual pieces of jewels in terms of design. The flowy stamens motif gives it the illusion of being blown away, we are sure you are going to be, pun not intended.

A Necklace set that effortlessly goes with any outfit choice you make is hard to zero in on. But we are sure the designs above are more than what you are looking for. Looking for more? At the House of Tarinika, we have abundant designs for you to choose from.

Stay updated about more of our collections as we are constantly bringing you new designs.

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  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan