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6 Antique Jhumkas you can wear even on Casual Days

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A classic earring design that will never go out of style is the ethereal Jhumkas.

A mere mention of the word, Jhumka, brings to mind a design that ebbs and flows to the meandering rhythms.

The Indian Jhumka has a history that traces back to the oldest cultural treasure-keepers of our culture. A Jhumka typically has two parts. The upper part of the earring that is worn on the lobe of the ear is the earring, usually a motif or a stud. The umbrella lower part attached to this motif/stud is the actual essence of the jhumka. It can either be grand or exorbitantly large or it can be small and dainty. Whatever the design may be, when you are choosing a pair of jhumkas to style your look, there is very little you can go wrong with.

A few Jhumka designs are a must-have in your jewelry collection. With the stores brimming with all kinds of generic options for you to choose from, we have for you six designs that will take your breath away.


If your choices lean towards designs that are muted but need to speak style, then you will definitely love a jhumka design that is dainty, delicate, and yet intricately carved. The  Nila Antique Jhumka Earrings are the perfect choice for you. The variation of the rising sun motif on the stud and a small jhumka extension with a procession of peacock motifs. This design is simply breathtaking. A perfect complement to a minimal casual office look.

2. Poetry in Polki

Very rarely do you find Kundan set in silver and if you find a combination like this, you need to hold on to it. The cool-toned Kundan stones set in the silver-colored Jhumka are a perfect choice for your morning soirees. The Gitali Kundan Jhumkas by the House of Tarinika is a carved marvel. It is set in silver, has floral motifs, and looks intrinsically royal. Make intimate weekend family get-togethers your stage!

3. Contemporary design

A basic floral motif does not make your jhumka boring. If you need proof, you need to check out the Driva Antique Earrings. What lies underneath that is a true representation of its design aesthetic. Two majestic elephants with locked trunks make a canopy under the flower stud and adorned below is the cylindrical jhumka which makes a massive statement by itself.

4. Flowers and Pearls  

Get the usual flowers and pearls but put a twist on it. The Sree Antique Jhumka Earrings has the classic floral motif on the top and the pearl detailing on the jhumka. What sets it apart is the cylindrical jhumka variation which makes it one of a kind. The rubies set in the flower earring also make for a beautiful addition. Perfect for the daytime with a saree look.

5. Dreamy, yet different 

Taking a different direction regarding style and pattern is the most fun thing to do if you have a taste that is not quintessential and basic. The Ketki Antique Jhumka Earrings are all that and much more. The floral motif on the stud is unique and so is the umbrella jhumka which curves outside. This design is bold and dreamy.

6. Culture-inspired design

This list would be incomplete without earrings that are inspired by the temple jewelry collection of India. They are a must-have in your jewelry collection. Deity-inspired motifs, bells, and decor inspired from the temples of India, flowers, and patterns, all of them adorning the jhumka makes it a must-have. The Utash Antique Earrings by Tarinika is a true representation of temple-style jhumkas at its finest.

At Tarinika, we strive to curate the best of the best for you. We are sure you will find the perfect Jhumka to wear. 

Stay updated about more of our collections as we are constantly bringing you new designs.  

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  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan