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How to choose Compatible Jewelry with your Office Outfits

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Power dressing for office is an important element in a working woman's life. And the best way to accentuate your appearance is with the right kind of jewelry. Tarinika is here to help you choose the most compatible jewelry for your office outfits. Here are some designs, tips, and tricks to help you get your look right. 

Go the minimalistic route 

While picking office wear jewelry, do ensure that it isn't distractive. Therefore, jewelry that makes a lot of noise, or has a tendency to get stuck in your hair or clothing is a big no. Also, avoid pieces that are overtly blingy and more party-wear than formal. Going for the minimalistic route can be a great idea for office wear. You may then opt for a simple chain, earrings, or a sleek set of bangles to complete your look. Depending on what jewelry complements you best, make your choice. The Jalaja lotus motif hoop earrings are a great option for those who like the minimalistic approach. With elements and colors that complement each other, this pair is dainty, lightweight, simple, and stylish. 

Choose comfort 

Often, we disregard the comfort of our jewelry for fashion. While choosing fashion over comfort may be okay when you're picking heavy jewelry for weddings or social functions, choosing jewelry for the office is a completely different ballgame. As you may be wearing your jewelry for 8 to 12 hours at a stretch, it is best to choose pieces that are comfortable to wear. Therefore, opt forlightweight jewelry, that doesn't irritate your skin. Avoid jewelry with sharp edges and go for materials that suit your skin. A striking example from the house of Tarinika is the pretty pair of  Maissa delicate earrings. Stylishly crafted, and available in shades of gold and silver, you can choose a style that suits your skin tone.

Opt for classy elements 

Classic pieces of jewelry are a must-have in every working woman's collection. These offer easy ways to amp up your appearance, in a very effortless manner. Opt for jewelry that makes you look attractive and feel more confident at the workplace. A perfect piece to add to youroffice jewelry collection is the Arete gold plated tribal necklace. A traditionally crafted necklace with tribal motifs, this looks great on both western and Indian wear. You can therefore choose to wear it with your saris or formal shirts. Another beautiful and classy piece of jewelry is a well-crafted set of bangles. Chosen right, they can accentuate your appearance. However, do ensure that bangles for office-wear are comfortable, lightweight, and stylish. A great option from Tarinika is the  Althaia antique gold plated tribal bangles. Crafted using tribal elements, they can be worn on their own, or worn to complement the Arete gold plated necklace.

Create a unique statement 

While going the classy route is both tried and tested, do keep experimenting with your look as well. Choose pieces that have new elements in their design. Create a fashion statement by choosing pieces that have a novelty in design. Those seeking to experiment with something new can try the circles and florals earrings from Tarinika. With elements of both traditional style and contemporary vibes wrapped into one, you can pick between earrings in gold and silver. Flowers intersperse with circle elements, while the asymmetric look lends its own kind of charm.

Choose the right colors 

Finally, opting for the right colors can make or break your look. Consider the color wheel while you're picking jewelry for your office attire and go for colors that either contrast or complement the attire. Choosing the right colors can make or break your look. Also, as you're choosing colors for office wear, avoid colors that are overly bright or gaudy. Go for pastel shades and delicate colors that add warmth to your attire and your appearance. A great addition to your collection can be the  Siraj delicate CZ necklace set. Complete with a set of earrings and chains, the colored CZs have a pleasing color palette that can complement your various workwear dresses. You can also opt for sparkling CZs jewelry set for that understated elegant appearance.

While you're choosing jewelry for your office outfits, do browse through the wide range of jewelry at Tarinika. You can also keep a tab on our latest designs at  @shoptarinika.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan