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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying Bridal Jewelry

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No bride has ever said that her wedding planning was stress-free. From planning a perfect wedding to handling the pressure of looking the best on the D-day,  the bride has a lot on her platter. Chances are with so many things to do, brides-to-be may make mistakes while buying their jewelry. Here are some common slip-ups that brides commit while looking for the bridal jewelry. We hope this will help you not fall into similar traps:

1) Buying jewelry before the outfit 

Buying jewelry before buying the wedding outfit can be risky. Brides-to-be often end up buying something different from what they had thought of buying at the first place. The jewelry, shoes and other accessories can only be decided once the bride decides what to wear. For instance, a bride has already bought traditional jewelry, she won’t be able to wear a contemporary bridal outfit that may require a modern set of jewelry.

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2) Matching jewelry with the bridal outfit

It is likely that you will not wear your wedding lehenga or saree again. So it makes little sense to buy bridal jewelry that is an exact match to the outfit.  So go for designs that are timeless. Earrings and bangles should be such that they can be worn separately with a saree or a salwar-kameez. Remember jewelry is an expensive investment. So think beyond the wedding day!

3) Ignoring the neckline

While bridal jewelry is fun to wear, but it can ruin your entire look if the neckline is not appropriate. For wedding lehengas, deep round neckline is the best to flaunt your bridal jewelry set. If you are going for a choker with a pendant drop then sweetheart neckline would be ideal.  Get the neckline of your lehenga customized as per your jewelry so that the two complement each other.

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4) Not taking face cut into consideration:If a particular necklace set looks good in an advertisement featuring a model, that doesn’t suggest that it will look the same on you. Opt for a piece of jewelry that flatters your face and not something that is trendy. While trying jewelry wear your wedding outfit and tie your hair because that’s how you are most likely going to look on the wedding day.

5) Forgetting to contrast:Contrasting jewelry is the best way to make your jewelry stand out. One can go for an outfit and jewelry in the same hue but the jewelry should be darker so that it stands out against the light outfit rather merge with the outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a light pink outfit, opt for rubies.  You can also contrast with different colors. Wearing an emerald necklace with a pink, red or maroon lehenga is also trendy these days.

6) Overlapping too many necklaces:First, choose the main necklace, then buy layered necklaces. Go for sleek layered necklaces so that the final look is clean. Overlapping necklaces that are hiding the main necklace can be a big fashion faux pas. Keep the number of layered necklaces to one or maximum to two. If you are going for a huge statement necklace, then totally drop the idea of having an overlapping necklace.  

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  • Blog by: Dileep Kumar Sarana