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Bridal Jewellery


Bridal Jewellery: 

Look surreal on your wedding day with magnificent bridal jewellery. You can either go for bridal jewellery made from precious metals or for the cost-effective imitation bridal jewellery. Imitation or artificial bridal jewellery trend has caught up with many brides in recent times due to myriad benefits that it accords to the buyer. 

Reasons to Buy Imitation Bridal Jewellery: 

  1. Imitation bridal jewellery comes in a huge variety. So, you are sure to find the perfect match for your bridal lehenga or saree. Real bridal jewellery comes in limited designs due to the cost involved in making it. 
  2. Imitation bridal jewellery can be easily customized based on your lehenga at zero or minimal extra cost. In case of real bridal jewellery, customization might not be possible given the design of the jewellery and size and shape of stones used. In some cases where it might be possible, it might be very expensive due to the quality of stones and metals used. 
  3. Due to its affordability, you can buy multiple imitation bridal jewellery pieces for different wedding functions. This isn’t possible in case of real bridal jewellery. 
  4. The cost associated with losing imitation bridal jewellery is very low than that of real bridal jewellery thereby, reducing the stress on the bride. 
  5. Imitation bridal jewellery made by reputed brands are so flawless and impeccable that differentiating it from real bridal jewellery is difficult. Thus, you can easily go for imitation bridal jewellery without worrying about its quality and look. 

Types of Imitation Bridal Jewellery: 

Imitation bridal jewellery consists of all the essential jewellery from a bride. You can get a wide variety of bridal jhumka designs, chandbali designs, delicate bridal bangles and bracelets, heavy bridal kadas, bridal chokers, bridal necklaces, bridal waist bands, bridal armlets, bridal payal or anklets, bridal nose rings, bridal finger rings and different types of bridal hair accessories. 

Bridal Earrings:  

Jhumkas and chandbalis are the most popular bridal earrings due to the grace and elegance they bring to the bride’s appearance. You can choose from intricately designed heavy bridal earrings as they are made with the purpose of making the wearer stand out from the crowd. There are different types of earrings available such as antique earrings, CZ earrings, and Kundan earrings. While shopping for bridal earrings, make sure you go for a design that flatters your facial structure. 

Bridal Chokers:  

Bridal chokers are the best choice if you are planning to layer your necklaces as they sit very close to your neck and thus, do not tangle with other necklaces. You can go for statement pieces or delicate designs depending upon the look you are planning for the wedding. A wide variety of antique, CZ, and Kundan bridal chokers are available in the market. Keep in mind the neckline of your bridal outfit while choosing your bridal choker. 

Bridal Necklaces:  

Bridal necklaces come in different styles such as short, long, and layered. You can choose different length necklaces if you want a layered look. You can even go for a heavy necklace design for a bold look. You can create a beautiful contrast by pairing different types of necklaces with your outfit. Antique necklaces look the best with traditional red gold attire while CZ necklaces emphasize the grace of pastel hues. Again, keep the neckline of your attire in mind while buying bridal necklace. 

Bridal Bangles & Bracelets: 

Depending on your choice, you can choose between stacked bangles and minimal bangles. For the perfect stacked look, mix and match different sizes of bangles or go with multiple plain bangles bracketed by heavy bangles or bracelets (kadas). You can also go with a couple of bold bangles or braccelets (kadas) to complete your bridal look. You can choose from pure metal bangles (antique) or stone studded bangles and bracelets (CZ & Kundan) as per your outfit. Keep in mind the length of your sleeves while shopping for bridal bangles. If shopping online, know the correct bangle size. 

Bridal Waist Bands: 

Bridal waist bands are a mandatory bridal accessory in many parts of India. They hold a special significance for South Indian brides especially. Waist bands come in different designs with the predominant design being temple. You can get enchanting antique, CZ, & Kundan waist band designs to choose from. 

Bridal Rings: 

Bridal rings add to the beauty of the bride’s hands. Depending on your outfit, you can choose from elaborate rings, hand chain bracelets, and multi-finger rings. You can find bridal rings studded with CZ stones, Kundan/Polki stones, kempu, etc. Know your finger size while shopping for bridal rings online. 

Bridal Anklets and Toe Rings: 

Bridal anklets and toe rings are given to the bride by the groom and are meant to bring happiness, good luck, and prosperity in the lives of the newlyweds. You can opt for heavy anklet designs or delicate ones depending on your preference. Just remember to buy the right sized anklets and toe rings so that they are neither too tight nor too loose on you. 

Bridal Hair Accessories: 

Various styles of bridal hair accessories such as maang tikka, damini, jhoomar, jada, and hair brooch are worn by brides on their wedding day to bring attention to their hairstyles. Hair accessories can have different motifs like floral, animal, temple, etc. Different designs of antique, CZ, and Kundan hair accessories are available in the market. Do remember to buy a hair accessory that complements rest of your bridal jewellery and bridal attire. 

Bridal Armlets: 

Bridal armlets are meant as an accessory for the upper arm. Bridal armlets come in different designs like temple, peacock, animals, floral, etc. You can choose from a wide range of Antique, CZ, and Kundan armlets as per your bridal attire. 

Reasons to Buy Bridal Jewellery from Tarinika: 

  1. Customized bridal jewellery as per the colour and design of your bridal attire at no extra cost. 
  2. Extensive experience in jewellery making. Each piece is handcrafted by our expert craftsmen. 
  3. 1-year warranty and 14-days returns are available on all our products. 
  4. Premium stones are used in the making of our jewellery with an expert finish giving it a luxurious look.