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How to Choose the Perfect Indian Jewellery for Your Wedding Look

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India's diverse culture is reflected in the attire and jewellery preferred on special occasions like weddings. The preferences in bridal jewellery mark a significant shift as you move across different regions of India. Punjabi brides often opt for Kundan and Polki studded jewellery that reflect the exuberance of their culture. South Indian brides prefer antique jewellery inspired by the intricate carvings of temple architecture.

At Tarinika, we understand the significance of aligning jewellery choices with the bride's style and cultural preferences. We offer Indian jewellery that caters to various regional styles and cultural backgrounds, ensuring that every bride finds the perfect wedding jewellery to enhance her bridal attire.

Traditional Temple Motifs For The South Indian Bride

The luxurious texture of your vibrant silk saree is the perfect canvas to showcase traditional South Indian jewellery. Our statement South Indian jewellery pieces like temple necklaces will add a regal touch to your traditional wedding outfit. The elaborate motifs of gods and goddesses intricately carved on our temple necklaces symbolize blessings and prosperity. The floral and peacock motifs symbolize fertility and auspiciousness, making temple necklaces essential to your bridal ensemble. You can also consider wearing traditional Kempu earrings to add a hint of red to your bridal ensemble. Your bridal look will be complete with Indian jewellery pieces such as baju bandhs and waistbands which are essential parts of traditional South Indian jewellery.

An image of an antique temple necklace inspired by gods and goddesses motifs

Elegant Studs For The Christian Bride

A classic Christian wedding incorporates an elegant white gown symbolizing the bride's purity and dainty jewellery to complement the pristine beauty of the white gown. Our delicate pearl necklaces are the perfect choice to complement the elegant silhouette of your bridal dress. The lustrous pearls of our necklaces exude a sense of purity which aligns perfectly with the symbolism of your white gown. Complement the pearl necklace with our range of stud earrings to create a harmonious and ethereal aesthetic. The correct pair of studs will frame your face and highlight your natural beauty without detracting from the overall look.

An image of a woman showing a stud earrings, crafted with stones.

Vibrant Chokers For The Punjabi Bride

Kundan and uncut polki jewellery reflect the grandeur and opulence of Punjabi wedding festivities. Our royal Kundan or Polki choker sets are the ideal choice to be paired with a heavily embroidered lehenga set for a Punjabi bride. We suggest you choose choker sets with intricate designs and vibrant gemstones that enhance the richness of your wedding lehenga. We also offer Kundan bridal sets, ensuring your bridal outfit is cohesive and thoughtfully coordinated.

An image of a woman wearing saree with a kundan choker set.

Subtle Enamel Jewellery For The Pahari Bride

Pahari brides, hailing from the picturesque regions of the Himalayas, radiate an ethereal charm that is as captivating as the breathtaking landscapes of their homeland. Our floral enamel necklaces are designed to capture nature's delicate beauty, making it an ideal choice for the serene Pahari bride. The necklaces feature floral motifs and vines which add a touch of whimsy and grace to the bridal ensemble. The bright enamel hues will also add vibrancy and a pop of colour to your bridal look. Complete your bridal look with a nose ring and a pair of Indian earrings from the enamel collection to stand out on your special day.

An image of a woman in front of the mirror, wearing an enamel nose ring.

Classic Jewellery For The Quintessential Bengali Bride

We envision the quintessential Bengali bride in a vibrant red and white saree known as the lal-par saree or the Garad saree. The hair is adorned with a mukut or matha patti, and her hands and feet are decorated with alta, which holds deep cultural significance in Bengali weddings. We understand the importance of completing your bridal ensemble with the perfect accessories. Therefore, we offer a stunning collection of bangles and bracelets designed to complement the red and white colour palette of your Shakha Pola bridal saree. Consider mixing and matching different styles of bangles and bracelets to create a balanced and visually appealing look.

An image of woman wearing a stunning pair of bangles.

Oxidized Jewellery For The Bohemian Bride

An unconventional bohemian bridal look is characterized by its free-spirited and effortlessly chic vibe. Our selection of oxidized Indian jewellery is perfect for the bohemian bride who adores tribal aesthetics and desires to incorporate cultural authenticity into her wedding attire. Pair our rustic tribal necklaces with your relaxed, ethereal gown for an earthy look. Complete your bridal attire with our oxidized Indian earrings to complement the laid-back vibe of your ensemble. Consider incorporating other natural elements into your bridal look, such as a flower crown or hairpins, to enhance the boho aesthetic further.

an image of a woman, showcasing an oxidized necklace.
WithTarinikaJewels, brides can trust that theirweddingjewellery will enhance their beautyandhonour their unique style and cultural heritage on theirwedding day.
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