Paksha Silver Jewelry


An antique jewellery set usually features precious metals and gemstones embodied in its era's craftsmanship and design aesthetics. You must not confuse antique and vintage jewellery since the terms are often interchangeable.
If you appreciate vintage pieces, you must explore antique jewellery that resonates with your refined taste and style. While our vintage jewellery collection offers abundant choices, we are here to inspire you with fresh and unique styling ideas.
Thepreferences inbridal jewellerymark a significant shift as you move acrossdifferent regions of India. AtTarinika, weunderstand the significance of aligning jewellery choices with the bride's style and cultural preferences.
Indian necklace sets are renowned worldwide for their immaculate designs and artisanal craftsmanship. The diversity of designs in the necklace sets is inspired by the country's centuries old traditions and rich cultural heritage.
In a world dominated by fleeting trends, there's a growing appreciation for the vintage elegance of antique jewellery. Kundan & Jadau antique jewellery designs, or the mystic charm of antique South-Indian jewellery, are experiencing a revival like never before.